Fromm dog food Vs Taste of the Wild

Looking for dog food can be confusing because there are so many of them out there and most are coming with the same promises as well. Of course not all dog foods are made the same such as the Fromm dog food Vs Taste of the Wild that are formulated with high quality ingredients for your canine friends to strive. For those who are considering purchasing one of them, see below about what you will get and which of the two will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are You Currently Looking for a Commercial Dog Food
  • What are Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild
  • What are the Recipe Available in Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild Collection
  • What are the Ingredients of Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild
  • How are the Quality of Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild
  • How are the Nutrition Content of Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild
  • Fromm dog food Vs Taste of the Wild

Commercial Dog Food

Being a pet owner means we have to be responsible for our pet and this is not only about providing a safe place for them to grow and strive but also about what they are consuming and how they will spend the rest of their life. It is a long term commitment and we are all doing it for the love we have towards these animals. Whether you prefer to have a dog, cat, fish, snakes, birds, hamster, or hedgehog, the responsibility is the same.

What’s different is the treatment and their diet or food of choice because different animals require different types of foods formulated for their body and even the same animal doesn’t always need the same diet such as between a large breed dogs and toy breeds that will need different amounts of nutrients as well. Dogs are among the most popular pets chosen for their traits such as loyalty and easy to train as well as mostly friendly with children or very active to accompany their owners.

When it comes to feeding the dog, we have a lot of choices from the abundant amount of dog food brands to those recipes we can make at home. Making them at home is definitely the healthier alternative because we know what we put in the food; sometimes they can have the same type of food like what we eat as well. But, cooking is not for everyone because it also requires time and in some cases can be more expensive than opting for commercial foods.

For those with one small dog, cooking their food once in a while and having a stock ready is not too much but if you have a medium or large breed, moreover have more than one dog at home, the cost can increase rapidly and we have to cook more often. Commercial dog food is the solution for owners who want the best convenience because dog foods don’t spoil as easily and they are very affordable as well as available in a varying formulation and price point.

While it means freedom of choice, it also means we have to choose from so many options out there. Dog foods manufacturers already help with the shopping decision based on the character of your canine friend whether it is based on their size or age and can be based on their breed as well such as Purina Puppy Chow Vs Pro Plan. Many brands also offer foods meant for some health concerns including sensitive stomach or kidney health.

About Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild

Depending on what concern your dog may have, it is best to shop based on what they will need. If possible getting the expensive foods can help the owner feel rest assured about the quality of the food but, the price never guarantees that the food is made of good quality or ideal for their body since we all know that dogs are omnivore but the focus here is still animal based protein from a trusted source. Plenty of brands are creating high protein foods but not all are the same.

We recommend looking into the collection of popular brands or those known to have good reputation such as Fromm and Taste of the Wild. These brands are among the best when it comes to good ingredients because they are pretty well known to use only the trusted source. You can find them on various pet stores as well so there will be no issue for the availability. Both do carry tons of food to choose from based on your concern or what formulation the dog likes.

Because there are tons of options or recipes from both brands, we are only focusing on their popular variants today which are adult dog foods. Fromm Gold foods is a trusted line and comes from a brand that has been operating for generations so they are still owned by the same family today. They are also famous for the invention of canine distemper vaccine back in 1930s and the method to cook meat and grain together to produce high quality dry kibble we all know.

On the other hand Taste of the Wild is owned by Schell & Kampeter, the one who also owns Diamond brand. As the brand name suggests, this dog and cat food brand is inspired by nature itself hence you can find their recipe to use common game animals in the wild. They are also still pretty affordable with a focus of offering a high-protein diet for your pet in a more manageable and convenient method.

Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild Recipe Variants

Both Fromm and Taste of the Wild are dog and cat food brands so if you also have a feline friend at home, we can check out their collection as well. Starting with Fromm, there are several dog food lines here such as Gold, Four-star Nutritionals, Remedies, Pate, Snacks, and the Original line. They are also available for the growing stage of your dog from puppy to senior, as well as breed size, and some common concerns like weight control, grain free, and grain inclusive.

Similarly, the Taste of the Wild is available on the original recipe and the Prey line in which the latter is made of more limited ingredients, both for dogs and cats. You can find puppy and adult dog foods as well from the collection but this brand is more prominent on the recipe collection or what main protein is used in the recipe. The most popular is their High Prairie and Pacific Stream but you can find many other recipes too.

Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild Ingredients

Now for the most important point, let’s see what the Fromm and Taste of the Wild food can offer. Since there are so many of them, we will be talking about the most popular food from both brands as well and starting with Fromm, we are choosing the adult Gold food with the black and gold package. This food is made of chicken and chicken meal as the main ingredient or protein source while chicken broth is added for taste too. The grains included are oat groats, pearled barley, as well as brown rice.

Moving to Taste of the Wild, the food we are talking about today is the High Prairie and this recipe is using water buffalo, lamb meal, and chicken meal as the main ingredients. They also use some carbs sources such as sweet potatoes and potatoes while adding chicken fat for the fat source and taste. To enrich the protein supply, you can find egg products, roasted bison, roasted venison, and beef in the formulation.

Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild Ingredients Quality

Chicken and chicken or species-specific meals are very common in dog food ingredients and they are good sources for both protein and other nutrients. Fresh chicken meat is great but they also have more water so it is necessary to use other animal based ingredients here to put more into the final product. Species-specific meals such as chicken meal and lamb meal are essentially the dried end-product of the cooking process known as rendering, very similar to making stew or overcooking the meat.

This method is suitable for making dog food or any dried food because we are removing the water in the meat then baking the residue so at the end we are getting a highly concentrated protein powder known as meat meal. Typical grains are used as an energy source and they are usually fiber rich as well as to bulk the food but many grains are also high in minerals.

Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild Nutrition

Lastly we want to talk about the nutrients of Fromm and Taste of the Wild since knowing the ingredients only is not enough. In each cup of Fromm adult Gold food there is 418 calorie with 25% of crude protein, 16% of crude fat, and 5.5% of crude fiber while on the other hand Taste of the Wild High Prairie has a 370 kcal per cup with 32% of crude protein, 18% crude fat, and 4% crude fiber. In comparison it is prominent that Taste of the Wild has a higher protein in each serving.

Fromm dog food Vs Taste of the Wild

Both Fromm dog food and Taste of the Wild are good options to feed your canine friends. They are also using protein packed ingredients and mostly based on specific animals, making it more reassuring since we know what meat is being used to make the food. In comparison the Taste of the Wild is lower in calories but also higher in protein and fat for your active dogs to stay energized and lean. In terms of quality and price, the two are similarly reliable and affordable.

Fromm Dog FoodTaste of the Wild
- Lower in protein- Higher in protein
- Lower in fat- High in fat
- High in calorie- Lower in calorie
- Slightly more expensive- A little bit cheaper


You can go amazing with any of these foods based on which you prefer better. Personally we recommend the Taste of the Wild food because it is very high in protein and fat as well as low in calories from various high-quality ingredients while still being pretty affordable.