Fromm Dog Food vs Royal Canin

Finding a good food for our pet is not an easy task because there are just so many of them out there. As the owner we need to choose carefully since food will play an important role in their overall wellbeing. Many popular brands such as Fromm dog food Vs Royal Canin are good options for healthy dogs because they are formulated properly to supply energy and nutrients. If you are considering these brands, let’s see what they are made from here before deciding the option. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What are Fromm dog food and Royal Canin
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  • Fromm dog food Vs Royal Canin

Dog Foods

Having a pet at home is great because they are like our companion and part of the house or family so their absence is leaving a space as well in our mind and heart. It is not rare that we find it difficult to concentrate at work when we forget to put food for our pet, for their next meal in case we have to come back home a bit late. We love them and care for them so it is natural to try giving the best we can afford to promote their wellbeing.

For pets, diet and care are very important depending on the animal itself, such as dogs or cats that are usually easy to care for and don’t require much. Besides bathing from time to time and brushing their fur as well as helping to clean their body, the diet matters the most which affects their overall health, just like us with our food of choice. While we can cook at home and choose the food wisely, we often give dry or wet food for their convenience.

Dry and wet food inventions for pets like dogs and cats are changing the way people feed their house pets because we used to give them table waste or home cooked meat. Pet food is very convenient as you don’t have to prepare anything and we can give them almost anytime as needed without having to keep them in the refrigerator or making fresh everyday. The downside of large-scale industrial systems is we don’t have full information regarding what they used to make the food.

There are still debates whether certain ingredients are bad for your pet because most dogs or cats are fine with the food while some may cause a health related issue. It is difficult to say to avoid this or that ingredient because people have different opinions about it yet, since typical house pets like dogs or cats are mostly eating meat then we should look for the food that contains this ingredient as well or using it as the main ingredients.

Besides the meat they will have some grains or fillers usually as the carb source for your dogs and cats diet. For dogs, since they are omnivore these grains are usually safe if they have no stomach issue or sensitivity. Still, we encourage owners to invest in foods with higher quality ingredients and meat as the top ingredients. At minimum dogs need 18% of protein based on dry matter from high-quality protein sources, according to AAFCO.

About Fromm dog food and Royal Canin

There are plenty of dog foods out there that you can rely on; many are very affordable and some can be quite expensive, especially for those with more than one pet in the house. We personally are more comfortable using well-known brands because their quality will be more reassuring. If you have no favorite brands yet, we can see what other people are choosing or which brands fit in your budget the most since many of them can be the exact opposite of each other.

Among the more popular choices, Fromm and Royal Canin are famous brands that we are sure even non-pet owners are already familiar with. These brands have been around for quite some time already and releasing lots of different varieties of pet food both for dogs and cats. Many pet owners are trusting their pets with these brands for their quality. You can find lots of different variants as well depending on the dog’s need and which they like better such as the taste and recipe.

Fromm is not only famous for their high quality food but also for their history as this brand is run by the same family over generations. They are also well-known for the cooking method of combining meat and grain together into granular pet food during the 1940s. As for Royal Canin, they are owned by Mars which is a large American corporation and was originally a brand from a French veterinarian that was already having a sustainable name in Europe before being introduced to a wider market.

These brands are trusted and safe for healthy dogs but do aware that recently there are reports regarding canine heart disease that spike curiosity in 2019 when owners are reporting their dogs suffering from the illness along with the brand of dog foods they are using in which Fromm was one of it. There is no further reliable information regarding what causes the illness yet but it is best for owners to always be informed about such matters.

Fromm dog food and Royal Canin Food Variants

Just like most dog food brands, you can find tons of different food variants in Fromm dog food and Royal Canin collection. Starting with Fromm, there are two variants dry and wet food or canned Pate while also offered in a puppy and adult life stage. You can find more options on the breed type as well such as food for large breed canine. In addition, rather than a recipe, the dry food varies on the formulation and you can find a Heartland line as well which is grain-free food.

Royal Canin is also mostly differentiated by the age or life stage range depending on how old your dog is. Rather than the food recipes, they are focusing more on the dog breed so those who are owning a purebred often used this brand. They also have more general dog food variants however such as for adults and puppies and for some typical health concerns like digestive system or for sensitive skin concerns you can find the suitable collection as well. Read also: Fromm dog food Vs Orijen.

Fromm dog food and Royal Canin Ingredients

Before deciding the option, it is best to look at what Fromm dog food and Royal Canin are made of but since there are so many of them we will only look at the most popular option or food variant. Starting with Fromm, we are talking about the adult Gold variant which is made with chicken, chicken meal, and chicken broth as the main ingredients then followed by oat groats, pearled barley, brown rice, and chicken fat for the additional fat source along with Menhaden fish meal.

On the other hand, Royal Canin uses brewers rice and chicken by-product meal as the main or top ingredients. They also still use various grain options such as oat groats and wheat while for the additional protein and fat source there are corn gluten meal and chicken fat. This dry food is also added with natural food flavoring for enhanced taste and beet pulp as a fiber source.

Fromm dog food and Royal Canin Ingredients Quality

As it has been mentioned above, our canine friends can eat both meat and veggies or grains but the meat should be more or higher in proportion to supply the high-quality protein. Chicken is very rich in protein but since they also contain lots of water, the final product may not contain as much yet, this is still better than using grain as the main or top ingredients. Chicken meal is rendered clean of chicken flesh and some bones which are already dried and ground.

Brewers rice is fragments of rice after the white rice is removed and common in low-quality dog foods which is surprising since Royal Canin is not cheap. This ingredient contains a trace of iron, protein, and potassium as well as fiber. Chicken by-product meal and chicken meal are different and the difference is because by-product means the left-over of the chicken carcass and while they are not dangerous for consumption, the quality is questionable. 

Fromm dog food and Royal Canin Nutritional Value

Lastly before deciding the options, let’s see the nutritional value of Fromm dog food and Royal Canin first and do note that this is only for the food variant we are comparing here so other variants or recipes will have a different value. In Fromm adult Gold food, there are 25% of crude protein and 16% crude fat along with 5.5 fiber and 418 calories per cup while Royal Canin adult dog food has 23% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 3.2% fiber, and 340 calorie per cup.

Fromm Dog Food vs Royal Canin

Both of these dog food brands are very popular but considering the ingredients quality, Royal Canin is not as high-quality as many other brands at the similar price range including Fromm. This food uses grains and low quality animal ingredients to make the food while on the nutritional value not that much of a difference than the common dog foods in the market but chances are the protein is mostly sourced from the gluten and chicken by-product meal.

Fromm Dog Food vs Royal Canin

Fromm Dog FoodRoyal Canin
- Meat as main ingredient- Grain as main ingredient
- Higher protein- Less protein
- Higher fat- Lower fat
- Higher calorie- Lower calorie


You can choose any of these brands since most dogs are fine consuming these foods as long as they don’t have any sensitivity for the included ingredients. But, we recommend to choose Fromm since this brand is using better quality ingredients for your dogs.