Ziwipeak vs Orijen

There are so many pet food brands out there that often making people confused about which to choose especially for those who never own a pet before. You can pick so many food in different recipes and types that may suit your pet or not. In today Ziwipeak vs Orijen article, we are going to give you more information regarding what these brand can offer to you as well as the ingredients they use in their foods.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Ziwipeak and Orijen
– What Ziwipeak and Orijen can offer to you
– What Ziwipeak and Orijen are made of
– Ziwipeak vs Orijen

About Ziwipeak
For many people the brand name Ziwipeak may not as familiar like Orijen or Blue Buffalo. This brand is based in New Zealand and even though it is not a big player in the market. The company continues to grow each years and attracting many people attention to them. The company claims that they are using air-dried technology to make their food have a higher number of servings per pack and give you are real value in each bag they sell.

Ziwipeak Food Variants
Similar like many other brands out there, Ziwipeak also divided their food into several product lines, such as dry food, wet food, treats as well as oral health care chews. In each of these lines, food are kept simple by only offering a small number of recipes. The dry food itself only have 6 recipes namely mackerel & lamb, venison, lamb, beef, trip & lamb, and free run chicken. The wet food range has the similar recipe like the dry type with added with one more recipe called rabbit & lamb.

As you may notice, all of them are based on the main ingredients they use to make the food and unlike some other brands that also differs from the method used to make the foods. Ziwipeak only use one method, which is the air-dried method for the dry food variant. The company also said their food is 95% digestible, so you will feed less, which also means you will clean the litter box less and clean the backyard less often.

Ziwipeak Ingredients
Since there are so many of them, in this article we are going to pick only two foods to give you information regarding the ingredients used in the making process. For the first example, we will pick one of the brand most popular food, which is the dry food in lamb recipe. This food is made from so many ingredients that mixed together to create the best food for your dog.

The top ingredients are of course lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb lung, lamb bone, lamb tripe, lamb kidney, New Zealand Green Mussel, Inulin from Chicory, dried kelp, and sea salt. It contains 36% crude protein, 35% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, 1.2% omega 3, and 2.20% omega 6.

The second food we are going to pick is still from the dry food variant, which is the beef recipe. This food is still made with numerous ingredients, the top being beef, beef liver, beef kidney, beef heart, beef tripe, beef bone, beef lung, New Zealand green mussel, and inulin from chicory. It contains 36% crude protein, 35% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, 1.14% omega 3, and 2.21% omega 6.

About Orijen
Orijen is probably one of the most popular brand in the market. This food is made by Champion Petfoods and is manufactured in their facilities in Canada, Kentucky, as well as in Alberta. Has been founded in 1985, the brand is distributing their foods in around 70 countries worldwide. The brand is boasting their food that is made with what they called biologically appropriate philosophy, which means their food made to mimic the freshness, variety and quantity mimic what your pet are evolved to eat.

Orijen Food Variants
Just like many other brands, Orijen also separate their food in several product lines mainly based on the food type and producing method. The brand currently don’t offer wet food option but they have both regular dry food, freeze-dried food, and dog treats. Dry food variant have 8 food recipes namely puppy, puppy large, original, six fish, senior dog, fit & trim, tundra, and regional red. Read also: Orijen vs Wellness Core here.

At the other hand, the treats are also use main ingredients naming, such as grass fed lamb, wild boar, Angus beef, free run duck, and Kentucky bison. The freeze-dried food that is claimed to be tastier than regular dried food is only contain of 3 foods, the adult dog food, regional red, and tundra. Besides the biologically appropriate philosophy, Orijen also boast their fresh regional ingredients, which means their ingredients are picked from farmers in where the manufacturing facility is located to ensure its freshness and quality.

Orijen Ingredients
Since there are so many of them, we are only going to take two of them to give a simple insight about what they are made of. The first food we are taking as example comes from the regular dog food in original recipe. This food is made with numerous ingredients and the top being deboned chicken, deboned turkey, yellowtail flounder, whole eggs, whole atlantic mackerel, chicken liver, turkey liver, chicken heart, turkey heart, and whole atlantic herring. It also contains 38% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.8% omega 3, and 3.3% omega 6.

The second food we are choosing comes from the freeze-dried dog food formula, which is the Tundra recipe. The food made with this method is said to retain their natural flavor just like Mother Nature intended. It still made with numerous ingredients, such as venison, duck, whole steelhead trout, bison, elk, quail, duck liver, and spinach greens. It contains 37% crude protein, 34% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 1% omega 3, and 3% omega 6.

Now, let’s compare Ziwipeak with Orijen. Both brands similarly offer several product variants, but Ziwipeak is offering more food than Orijen especially with their wet food and oral health care chews. In the nutrition content, we can see that Ziwipeak contains higher crude fat and omega 3 while Orijen contain higher crude protein, crude fiber, and omega 6.

Ziwipeak vs Orijen
- More product variant- Less food variant
- Less crude protein- Higher crude protein
- Higher crude fat- Less crude fat
- Less crude fiber- Higher crude fiber
- Higher omega 3- Less omega 3
- Less omega 6- Higher omega 6

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are similarly good and if you are picking any dog food, the first thing you should do is match the food you are going to pick to your dog’s need. If your dog is very active and move a lot, you may choose the food that have higher fat like Ziwipeak since they will able to burn the excess fat.