Zignature Dog Food Review : Exceptional Palatability, Outstanding Nutritional Quality

Zignature dog food is a brand of dog food that exclusively manufacturing hypoallergenic foods for dogs with sensitive stomach towards popular ingredients in regular dog foods. Not only offering you with a wide range of foods, all of their foods are using meat as their main ingredients. If your dog is not suitable with their current foods, you may want to try Zignature Dog Food.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Zignature Dog Food
– Zignature Dog Food Types and Variants
– What Zignature Dog Foods are Made of
– Is Zignature Dog Food Suitable For Your Dog

About Zignature Dog Food
Zignature is a brand of dog food manufactured by Pets Global, which based in Valencia, California. This brand distributed their foods in most pet specialty stores near your place and some online retailers. The brand claims to make all of their foods from the best ingredients available to produce the best dog food in the world. They promises to uses meat as their first ingredient to provide the complete nutrition needed by your canine companions. For another dog food recommendation, check our article on Merrick dog food vs Nutro here.

The recipes Zignature used are all inspired by the diet of your dog’s ancestors, to minimize possible allergens and food sensitivities. Similar like many other brands out there, Zignature also divided their products to ease their consumers to choose between a wide range of foods. All of the brand’s foods are mainly divided based on the main ingredients or main protein used in each one of them.

Zignature Dog Food Variants
Currently, Zignature offer numerous foods based on Pork, Goat, Venison, Lamb, Kangaroo, Turkey, guinea Fowl, Duck, Salmon, Whitefish, Trout & Salmon Meal, Catfish Formula, and Zssential Formula. All of these foods are made with main ingredients following the label. Zignature also offer wet foods for each one of those foods. Unlike many popular brands, they don’t have product lines by recipes.

Zignature Dog Food Ingredients
To give you better insight on Zignature foods ingredients as well as their nutrition values, let us pick a couple of foods from their catalogue as an example. First example comes from dry food type, which is Salmon formula. This specific food is made without grain and is suitable for all life stages from puppy to senior dogs as well as any breed sizes. Its top ingredients are salmon, salmon meal, pea flour, chickpeas, peas, sunflower oil, flaxseed, natural flavors, and sun cured alfalfa meal.

This food also contains not less than 29% crude protein and 16% crude fat while not more than 5% crude fiber as well as 0.4% omega 3 fatty acids, and 2.4% omega 6 fatty acids.

The second example we are going to choose come from wet food types, which is duck formula. This specific food protein is suitable for puppy with some food allergy, since it doesn’t contain grains as well as chicken. Its top ingredients including duck, duck broth, duck meal, peas, carrots, chickpeas, sun cured alfalfa meals, agar-agar, salt, choline chloride, potassium chloride, blueberries, cranberries, and minerals. As for nutritional values, it contains not less than 8% crude protein and 4.5% crude fat while its crude fiber doesn’t exceed 1.2%.

As you can see from those examples, Zignature are especially making their foods hypoallergenic, so you can feed your dog with ease since it doesn’t contain potential allergens that will affect your dog’s health. Those ingredients avoided are corn, wheat gluten, soy, dairy, and chicken. If you have puppy or sensitive dogs, choosing a brand like Zignature is definitely a great choice.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. When picking the food for your dog, you will also needs to think about the price. Zignature does offered at higher price than regular dog food from many brands out there, but the price does worth the quality. We highly recommend you Zignature dog food, especially if you have puppy or dog with some sensitivity towards common ingredient inside other popular dog foods.

Zignature Dog Food Review: Nutritional Values
– High in crude protein
– High in crude fat
– Moderate crude fiber

Zignature Dog Food Review: Pros
– Made without grains
– Single protein source
– High quality ingredients

Zignature Dog Food Review: Cons
– More expensive than regular dog foods