Taste of the Wild vs Blue Wilderness

When choosing for healthy dog food, you may pick the one with high quality protein to help support your dog growing muscles and provide energy for their active lifestyle. Since there are so many of them, you may end up confused about which one to choose. So let us help you by introducing two high quality dog foods with complete nutrients. They are Taste of the Wild and Blue Wilderness.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Taste of the Wild and Blue Wilderness
– What is Taste of the Wild and Blue Wilderness Nutrition Content
– Taste of the Wild vs Blue Wilderness

About Taste of the Wild
Taste of the Wild is brand of dog and cat food manufactured by Scheel &K ampeter, Inc., which founded in 1970 and based in Meta, Missouri . This company is currently doing business as Diamond Pet Foods, Inc. and sell their products through dealers, stores and online stores. Taste of the Wild currently offer two lines of products, one is the original Taste of the Wild and the other is called the Prey. In the Taste of the Wild regular they have 14 products, including 5 wet foods and 11 dry foods. Taste of the Wild are not offering any treats in the meantime.

Taste of the Wild Nutrition Content
Taste of the Wild made with different ingredients depend on its variety. I this article, we will pick High Prairie Canine Formula from the Taste of the Wild line. This specific food is made with no grain and featured with sweet potatoes and peas that will provide a highly digestible energy for active dogs. Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula is made with real roasted meat supplemented with vegetables and fruits to enhance antioxidants and support your dog healthy lifestyle. This specific variant contains 32.0% Crude Protein, 18.0% Crude Fat, 4.0% Crude Fiber, 2.8% Omega-6, and 0.3% Omega-3.

About Blue Wilderness
Blue Wilderness is a line of dog food by the Blue Buffalo brand. Blue Buffalo is a popular brand of dog food, which manufactured by Blue Buffalo Company. Aside from the Blue Wilderness Blue Buffalo also offer other lines of dog foods, like Blue Protection Formula, Blue Freedom, Blue Basics, Blue Natural Veterinary Diet. Each one of them are designed to fulfill a purpose depend on its variants. Such as Blue Protection, which only available in dry foods type and made with unique combination of finest natural ingredients and their antioxidant-rich LifeSource Bits. If you are interested on other dog food brands, read our article on Blue Buffalo vs Blue Wilderness here.

Blue Wilderness product was claimed to be inspired by diet of wolves the true omnivores whose endurance is legendary. Blue Wilderness is made with rich protein and grain-free food that contains delicious food for your dogs. This specific variant has dry and wet foods options, it also has foods according to each life stages and treats. Blue Wilderness also made with various main ingredients, such as salmon, chicken, Turkey, Rabbit, Duck, Bison, and many other. Let’s take an example from the Blue Wilderness Adult Chicken Formula.

Blue Wilderness Nutrition
This food is made with deboned chicken, chicken meal and fish meal to supply the protein needed by your dogs. It also contains sweet potatoes, peas and potatoes for healthy complex carbohydrates and blueberries and cranberries for antioxidant-enrichment. Blue Wilderness Adult Chicken Formula have 34.0% Crude Protein, 15% Crude Protein, 6.05 Crude Fiber, 0.5% Omega-3, and 2.75% Omega-6.

Taste of the Wild vs Blue Wilderness

Taste of the WildBlue Wilderness
- Has some variants, but not as many as Blue Wilderness- Has wider variants compared to Taste of the Wild
- Contains Higher Crude Fat and Omega 3- Contains higher Crude Protein, Crude Fiber and Omega 6
- Is more affordable than Blue Wilderness- Offered in a higher price than Taste of the Wild

Both of Taste of the Wild and Blue Wilderness are good quality dog food products. What you need to consider is the nutrition content to match your dogs need. Those nutrient provide above come only from one variant, so it may not reflects all of their products. From those specific variant, we can see that Blue Wilderness contains more Crude Protein, Crude Fiber and Omega-3, while Taste of the Wild contains more Crude Fat and Omega-6. In our opinion, if your dog needs more protein and more fiber, we will recommend you the Blue Wilderness, but if your dog needs more fat, it is better to opt for Taste of the Wild.