Science Diet vs Royal Canin

The best food for our dogs are those that are crafted to provide a balanced diet to help them strive and live a happy, fulfilling life. As our friend, companion, and family, they deserve to be treated with love such as with Science Diet Vs Royal Canin food. These foods are designed to give a nutritional diet depending on your dog’s need and they are also claimed to be made from high quality ingredients. If you are also considering these dog foods, do check which of them sounds better to you. 

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Look in Dog Foods
  • What are Science Diet and Royal Canin
  • What are the Variants of Science Diet and Royal Canin
  • What are the Ingredients of Science Diet and Royal Canin
  • How are the Nutritional Value of Science Diet and Royal Canin
  • Science Diet Vs Royal Canin

Shopping for Dog Foods

When adopting a dog or bringing a new puppy to home, we are now responsible for their wellbeing. Of course as the owner we want the best for them, as we treat the people we love, our pet is part of the house, family, and companion that stay loyal to our side. Besides giving them a warm house to sleep, space to play and thrive, as well as food and water to nourish their body, we need to pay attention to what these foods are providing them with. 

Choosing the right dog food can be time consuming but also confusing because as we all know the options are just abundant out there and they have the same claim being better than the rest. In real-life they are too similar, especially the commercial dog foods because formulations are usually identical across brands. The best dog foods are those that can nourish our pet, providing what they need, and ideal for their breed or type of body and activities as it may vary.

Dogs are omnivore so they are not strictly eating meat only like their feline friends so our dogs can get nutrition from various ingredients including fruits, vegetables, and grains hence non-meat ingredients are called fillers. It doesn’t mean that our dogs are not allowed or better stay off from these ingredients except if they have certain allergies but the best dog foods are those that are made with the best quality ingredients. Unless your dog has allergies, they can eat various nutritious foods.

However, we should focus on what’s most important in their diet to ease the shopping process and our focus should be the protein. This is because protein is used to make up the body tissue which builds their muscles. Based on research, our canine friend naturally produces 13 out of 23 amino acids required for protein synthesis which mean the rest must come from the diet. This is also the reason why you see many owners are selectively picking their dog foods based on the protein content.

Besides protein, our dogs need dietary fat too and the main source of this is coming from animal fat or seed oils from various plants that serve as carriers for essential fat-soluble vitamins. In addition, fatty acids help with cell structure and organ function while at the same time giving taste and texture to the dog food. With a good amount of fat, our puppy or grown up good boy/girl will be able to thrive and be active or play around with us. Read also: Blue Wilderness Vs Life Protection.

About Science Diet and Royal Canin

The best way to shop is by reading their nutritional value and checking their ingredients to make sure we want those ingredients consumed by our pet, not harmful, and they have no allergies towards said ingredients. It can be a long journey as dog foods are made up of tons of different ingredients but we can always spare some time as we will stick with this option for quite some time. If you are not sure yet, we can ask the vet or neighbor and friends with dogs.

They will have more experiences and tips or recommendations on which food their dogs like or safe for the animal. If you prefer dog food that is tailored to meet your pet’s needs and specifically formulated for their benefits, Science Diet and Royal Canin can be two amazing options to consider. These brands are more known for their extensively researched foods and probably more expensive than many other similar brands out there which is why we need to know to shop wisely.

Science Diet is a brand of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Company with its mission to help enrich and prolong the special relationship humans have with their pets and have a vision to make nutrition a cornerstone of veterinary medicine. Similarly, Royal Canin which is parented by Mars is also claiming to be focusing on your pet’s needs while continuously improving to provide better formulation both for dogs and cats. These companies are providing nutritional quality to nourish and help your pet to strive as well as healthy.

Just like most or any dog foods however, these expensive brands are also made with lots of different ingredients and while we can read their claim, it is best to actually see what they are formulated with as we take our pet’s unique diet or lifestyle into consideration. Both Science Diet and Royal Canin are good dog foods in general with good ingredients and formulation but different owners may want to know more than just whether they are okay to consume or not.

Science Diet and Royal Canin Variants

Even before checking the ingredients, pet owners are faced with numerous choices of recipes, trying to see which flavors will make our puppy happy and interested to finish their meal. Similarly, these two are also coming with lots of options to choose from. For example, Science Diet by Hill’s is offering different foods based on the life stage so you will have puppy, adult, and senior variants. Besides flavors, such as chicken meal and rice, they offer specific need foods including oral care, sensitive stomach, and weight management.

What’s better is they do offer various foods without fillers like corn, wheat, and soy for your dog’s special diet. On the other hand, Royal Canin also separates foods based on the age or life stage but what’s unique is they make food specifically for purebred which may have their own special needs or ideal diet. You can find foods with certain health concerns such as skin and coat, weight management, oral hygiene, or joint sensitivity. Unlike typical dog’s foods, this brand doesn’t vary in flavor.

Science Diet and Royal Canin Ingredients

Because there are so many of them, we are going to take one as an example about what Science Diet and Royal Canin are made of and we are picking the popular choices from both brands. For Hill’s Science Diet, we choose the chicken and barley recipe dry food for adult dogs. This food is made with chicken, cracked pearled barley, whole grain wheat, whole grain corn, whole grain sorghum, etc. On the other hand we pick regular dry food for adult large breeds from Royal Canin.

This food is made of chicken by-product meal, brewers rice, wheat, brown rice, chicken fat, etc. Chicken as the main ingredient is good but chicken meat in raw state contains lots of water which after processing may only make up a small amount from the overall food. Corn is not a filler and not harmful for dogs while also providing nutritious diet for the animal. Barley itself is rich in fiber including small amounts of micronutrients like selenium and copper.

Chicken by-product meal is actually the rest or remaining parts of chicken which are usually unwanted. In pure meaning it is the ground, rendered, clean parts of the carcass of chicken including necks, feet, undeveloped eggs and intestines. Nutritionally, they are said to contain high protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Brewer’s rice is said to contain high fiber but commonly used in cheap pet foods both for dogs and cats. As for wheat, it is a source of carbs and easily available but contains gluten.

Science Diet and Royal Canin Nutrition and Benefit

After the ingredients, we also can check their nutritional value that compiles all of their ingredients together. Starting with Science Diet, this chicken and barley adult dry dog food contains 23.9% of protein from meat and non-meat sources, 14.7% fat from animal and plant based fat, 2.1% fiber, 0.5% omega 3, and 4.3% omega 6. Similarly, Royal Canin in dry, adult for large breed dog food has a crude protein of 24% from various ingredients. It has a total crude fat of 15%, 3.3% crude fiber, and 0.4% omega 3. 

The benefit of Science Diet and Royal Canin seems to be similar as well which is promoting healthy digestion with enough fiber in the food. The vitamins and fatty acids help nourishing their skin and coat while the protein is useful to help maintain lean muscle. As for the Royal Canin large breed dry dog food, this variant is also made in large kibble to make it more palatable.

Science Diet vs Royal Canin

These dog foods are made with chosen ingredients formulated for healthy digestion, energy, and shiny coat. They have different types of main ingredients however with Science Diet seen as more proper for a brand that costs more than many other typical dog foods. Royal Canin only uses chicken by-product which is actually rich in protein but may not be ideal as a high-quality source and in an expensive brand.

Science DietRoyal Canin
- Offer no soy, corn, and wheat option- Offer food for purebred dogs
- More food type variants- Only have dry and wet food variants
- Better ingredients- Low quality ingredients


Both brands are not harmful as they only use safe ingredients with nutritious benefits as long as our dog doesn’t have any sensitivity. In comparison we do recommend to choose Science Diet because it uses better ingredients or better in quality to match the price point.