Royal Canin vs Blackwood

Royal Canin and Blackwood are two popular dog food brands in the market that offer you with high quality food as well as a wide range of recipes for you to choose and match it with your dog’s needs. If you are currently looking for a high quality dog food, you may want to read our article below to help you choose which the best among them is.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Royal Canin and Blackwood
– What Royal Canin and Blackwood are made of
– Royal Canin vs Blackwood

About Royal Canin
Royal Canin is a brand of dog and cat food manufactured by the same name company, which is owned by another company called Mars, Inc. that is also the manufacturer of another dog food brands like Whiskas, Nutro, and Pedigree. The brand is well known for conducting many researches to create and formulated their food to meets every dog and cat needs. For dogs, they are focusing on the breed, since they found that different breeds need different nutrition.

Similar like many other brands out there, Royal Canin also divided their foods into several categories to ease you when trying to find the best food for your dog. Those categories are the dog sizes, life stages, breeds, food for indoor dogs, and food for special needs. All of those foods are made with various ingredients to meets each categories purposes. Since there are so many of them, we are going to pick one food as an example to peek their ingredients and nutritional value.

Royal Canin Ingredients
One of Royal Canin most popular food is dry food for medium adult dog. This food is designed to help your dog maintain their natural defenses throughout their life as well as providing that balanced energy they needed to maintain a healthy weight.

For the ingredients, Royal Canin dry food for medium adult dog is made from various main ingredients like brewers rice, chicken by product meal, wheat, corn gluten meal, oat groats, and chicken fat. It also contains 23% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 3.1% crude fiber, and 0.48% omega 3. For another dog food recommendation, check our article on Royal Canin vs Pedigree here.

About Blackwood
Blackwood is a brand of dog and cat food manufactured by the same name company. This brand currently offering their customer with super premium recipes slow cooked in small batches to give your dog that delicious and healthy food they deserve. They also claims that all of their foods are not made with any artificial color and flavors, so for those pet owners who are concern about these two common substance in dog food can sit back and feed their dog with ease.

Similar like many other brand out there, Blackwood also divided their food into several types of foods. They currently let you choose from different life stages, activity levels, as well as food for dietary considerations, such as overweight or underweight, food for senior dogs, and food for skin. Since there are so many of them, let us choose one food as an example, so you can see their ingredients as well as nutritional value.

Blackwood Ingredients
One of Blackwood popular food is dry food no-grain for all life stages in chicken and field pea recipe. This food is made from various ingredients, such as chicken meal, field peas, chickpeas, lentils, tapioca starch, chicken fat, and duck meal. It also contain 28% crude protein, 15% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, and 0.5% omega 3.

Now, let’s compare the difference between Royal Canin and Blackwood. From the food variants, both brands offer the same wide range of foods whether it is for each life stages or food for special needs dogs. From the nutritional values of our sample above, we can see that Blackwood contains more crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, and omega 3 than Royal Canin.

Royal Canin vs Blackwood

Royal CaninBlackwood
- Contains less crude protein- Contains higher crude protein
- Contains less crude fat- Contains higher crude fat
- Contains less crude fiber- Contains higher crude fiber
- Contains less omega 3- Contains higher omega 3

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, it is best to suit the food to your dog’s needs. If your dog is very active, you should pick food that contains high crude protein and fat like Blackwood, but if your dog is not as active, you should choose food that contains lower protein and fat like Royal Canin.