Orijen vs Wellness Core

There are so many dog food available in the market and the amount of brands as well as food choices are making new pet owner often confused about which food is the best for their pet. Choosing the best food will need you to consider about your dog’s need and the ingredients they put inside. In today Orijen vs Wellness Core article, we are going to compare these two popular foods to give you more information regarding the food choices as well as the ingredients. If one/both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Orijen and Wellness Core
– What Orijen and Wellness Core can offer to you
– What Orijen and Wellness Core are made of
– Orijen vs Wellness Core

About Orijen
Orijen is one of the most popular pet food brand in the market. This brand is manufactured by Champion Petfoods which is also the manufacturer of Acana. They manufactures their food in their facility in Alberta, Kentucky, and Canada. They distributes their food in around 70 countries all around the world. This brand can’t be called an affordable option if you are looking to save some money, but the price should be able to represent the quality of their foods.

Orijen Food Variants
Similar like many other brands out there, Orijen also divided their foods into categories to ease their customer looking for the food they want. However, unlike other brands that also offer wet food in cans or other containers, this brand currently don’t offer wet food and only sell dry food. Those foods are divided into dry food, freeze-dried food, and treats. All of these foods are Biologically Appropriate, which means they all mirror the quantity, variety of meats,and freshness your dog are evolved to east.

The dry foods contains puppy, puppy large, original, six fish, original red, tundra, fit and trim, and senior dogs. The treats catalogue also has many recipes based on the main ingredients used in the making, such as wild boar, free-run duck, Angus beef, Grass-fed lamb, and Kentucky bison. The freeze-dried food contains only 3 foods; adult dog, tundra, and regional red. This freeze-dried method is said to be better at retaining the food natural flavor.

Orijen Ingredients
Since there are so many of them. In this article, we are going to pick only two foods as an example for the ingredients they used to make them. One of Orijen most popular food is Original from dry food variant. This food is made with so many ingredients mixed together to create a food that will be able to support your dog healthy life.
Those ingredients are deboned chicken, deboned turkey, yellowtail flounder, whole eggs, whole Atlantic mackerel, chicken liver, turkey liver, chicken heart, and turkey heart. It contains 38% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.8% omega 3, and 3.3% omega 6. For another dog food recommendation, check our article on Orijen vs Blue Buffalo here.

The second food we are choosing is from freeze-dried variant, the Regional Red food for all life stages. This food is are made with extremely low temperature freezing to retain the life-giving nutrients and give the food its concentrated form. It is made with so many ingredients, the top being beef, wild boar, lamb, whole herring, bison, beef liver, spinach greens, pea fiber, lamb liver, pork, and pork liver. It also contains 36% crude protein, 35% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 1.1% omega 3, and 2.5 omega 6.

About Wellness Core
Wellness Core is another popular pet food brand. This brand is own by WellPet LLC, which is formed by combination of Wellness Natural Pet Food, Holistic Select Natural Pet Food, Eagle Pack Natural Pet Food, and Old Mother Hubbard Natural Dog Snacks. Besides Core, they also made several brands, such as Complete Health, Simple, and Truefood. The Core brand itself is the company line of grain free, natural pet food that contains high in protein as well as has a great taste.

Wellness Core Food Variants
Wellness Core currently offer their customer a wide range of food ranging from dry food, wet food, and treats. The brand has Core Dry, RawRev, Mixers & Toppers, 100% Freeze Dried, Simply Shreds, Tender Biter, Hearty Cuts, pate, Chunky centers, 95%, mini meals, marrow roast, and pure rewards. All of those foods and treats are made to follow each recipe requirements to deliver the best protein in a food with a great taste your dog will surely love.

Wellness Core Ingredients
Since there are so many of them, we are going to pick only two of them to give you a glimpse about the ingredients they used to make these foods. The first example we are choosing is one of Wellness Core most popular food, which is Original dry food for adult dogs. This food is made from numerous ingredients, such as deboned turkey, turkey meat, chicken meal, peas, potatoes, dried ground potatoes, chicken fat, tomato pomace, chicken liver, and natural chicken flavor. It contains 34% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.5% omega 3, and 3.25% omega 6.

The second food we are picking is still from dry food variant, the Core Lamb for adult dog. This food is said to contain omega fatty acids to support your dog’s healthy coat as well as infused with antioxidants, glucosamine hydrochloride and probiotics for their overall health. It is made with numerous ingredients, the top being lamb, lamb meal, pea protein, peas, chickpeas, tomato pomace, ground flaxseed, canola oil, and natural lamb flavor. It also contain 33% crude protein, 15% crude fat, 6% crude fiber, 1.5% omega 3, and 2.5% omega 6.

Now, let’s compare Orijen with Wellness Core. Both of them offer numerous food recipes but Wellness Core have a wider range of foods than Orijen. From the nutrition content, it may depend on the food of your choice but based on the sample we took, Orijen has higher crude protein and crude fat while Wellness Core has higher crude fiber, omega 3, and omega 6.

Orijen vs Wellness Core

OrijenWellness Core
- Less food variants- More food variants
- Higher crude protein- Less crude protein
- Higher crude fat- Less crude fat
- Less crude fiber- Higher crude fiber
- Less omega 3- Higher omega 3
- Less omega 6- Higher omega 6

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, the best food should follow your dog’s need, so they can get what’s the most important for them. If you have a very active dogs, it is best to fed them with a high protein and fat food like Orijen but if they are not as active or you want to focus on the health of their coat, the better choice will be Wellness Core.