Orijen vs Blue Buffalo

Looking for the right food for your dog is probably not as easy task since you have to match the food with your dogs needs. Some dogs may needs special foods or food that suit their breed or age. In today Orijen vs Blue Buffalo article, we will compare these two popular brands of dog food to give you more information regarding what kind of food they are offering to you as well as the example of ingredients they used in the food making, so you will know which brand to pick.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Orijen and Blue Buffalo
– What Orijen and Blue Buffalo can offer to you
– What Orijen and Blue Buffalo are made of
– Orijen vs Blue Buffalo

About Orijen
Orijen is manufactured by Champion Petfoods that also manufactured another popular brand Acana. This brand manufactures their food in Alberta, Canada, as well as in Kentucky and distribute them in around 70 countries worldwide. The company has both dog and cat foods but currently doesn’t offer any wet food. It claims to provide foods from the freshest and most nourishing ingredients to make owners can feed their pet with ease. If you are seeking for a high quality food to support your dog’s healthy and active life, the brand may have the food you are looking for.

Orijen Food Variants
As it has been mentioned earlier, Orijen made food for both dog and cats but they only offer dry food. The company separate their foods into 3 different categories to ease their customer looking for what they want. Those categories are dry food, freeze-dried food, and treats. The dry variant contains 8 different foods namely puppy, puppy large, original, six fish, regional red, tundra, fit & trim, and senior dogs. As you can see from the naming, all of them are mainly divided by the recipe used, stage life, and food for special need.

The treats variant also contain numerous recipes, such as Angus beef, grass-fed lamb, free run duck, wild boar, and Kentucky bison. Another version of dry food is freeze-dried food, which is claimed to have better taste since the process used is retaining the ingredients original flavor. However, this variant currently only has 3 foods; adult dog, original red, and tundra. All of these foods are made to meets each recipe purpose and made with different mix of ingredients. For another dog food recommendation check Merrick vs Orijen here.

Orijen Ingredients
Since there are so many of them, in this article, we are going to pick only two foods to give you more information about what they are made of. One of Orijen popular food is the original dry food. This food is suitable for all life stages and made with so many ingredients, the top being deboned chicken, deboned turkey, yellow tail flounder, whole eggs, whole Atlantic mackerel, chicken liver, turkey liver, chicken heart, and turkey heart. It contains 38% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.8% omega 3, and 3.3% omega 6.

The second food we are choosing as a sample coming from freeze-dried food variant, which is the Adult Dog food. Just like its name, this food is intended for adult dog only and may not suitable for puppy. The food is made with numerous ingredients, the top being chicken (ground with bone), turkey (ground with bone), chicken liver, whole herring, whole eggs, chicken heart, pea fiber, spinach greens, and turkey liver. It contains 36% crude protein, 35% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 1% omega 3, and 5.5% omega 6.

About Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo is another popular brand for both dog and cat food in the market that is manufactured by Blue Buffalo Co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of Blue Pet products and based in Wilton, Connecticut. This company sells their product through retail partners and online retailers in the United States. They claims that all of their foods are made of the finest natural ingredients and real meat to support your pet healthy lifestyle at any life stage regardless the breed.

Blue Buffalo Food Variants
Similar like many brands out there, Blue Buffalo also provide you with a wide range of food variants that was divided to ease the selection process. The brand currently offer 5 food variants that were made to meets each lines requirements. Those variants are Blue Life Protection Formula, Blue Freedom, Blue Basic, Blue Wilderness, and Blue Natural Veterinary Diet. They also offer numerous treats in different recipes and form, such as in bars, bacon, and balls. As for the wet food, they offer so many of them in cans, small serve, regular serve, and in small food bag.

Blue Buffalo Ingredients
Since there are so many of them, we are going to take two of their food as a sample, to give you a glimpse of the ingredients used to make these foods. One of Blue Buffalo most popular food is the Blue Life Protection formula for adult dog. This food has LifeSource bits, which is a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

It is made with numerous ingredients, the top being deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, chicken fat, tomato pomace, peas, and flaxseed. It contains 24% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 0.5% omega 3, and 3% omega 6.

The second food we are going to choose is from Blue Wilderness product line. This food is said to be inspired by the diet of wolves which is grain-free and protein rich. This food is made of so many ingredients, such as deboned chicken, chicken meal, peas, pea protein, tapioca starch, menhaden fish meal, dried tomato pomace, chicken fat, and flaxseed. It also contains 34% crude protein, 15% crude fat, 6% crude fiber, 0.5% omega 3, 2.75% omega 6.

Now, let’s compare Orijen with Blue Buffalo. Both of them are made with high quality ingredients and similarly offer a wide range of foods but Blue Buffalo has more food variants or product line under its name. From the nutrition content Orijen has higher crude protein, crude fat, omega 3, and omega 6 while Blue Buffalo has higher crude fiber.

Orijen vs Blue Buffalo

OrijenBlue Buffalo
- Contains higher crude protein- Lesser in crude protein
- Contains higher crude fat- Lesser in crude fat
- Lesser in crude fiber- Higher in crude fiber
- Contains higher omega 3- Lesser in omega 3
- Contains higher omega 6- Lesser in omega 6
- More expensive than Blue Buffalo- More affordable than Orijen

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you should match the food with your dog’s need. If your dog is not very active, it is better to give food that contain less protein and fat to avoid overweight like Blue Buffalo, but if your dog is very active, they will need more energy, so choosing food with higher protein and fat like Orijen will be the a better option.