Orijen vs Acana

Orijen and Acana are made by the same manufacturers and this is why the brands are oftenly being compared to each other. Some people give their pet Orijen and some may choose Acana. If you are confused about their difference, read our article below and see which one you prefer better.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Orijen and Acana
– What are Orijen and Acana are made of
– How many Variety Orijen and Acana have
– Orijen vs Acana

About Orijen
Orijen is a brand of dog and cat food that was manufactured by Champion Petfoods in Alberta, Canada and Kentucky. The company was founded by ReinhardMuhlenfeld in 1985 and are being marketed all across the world in about 70 countries. Orijen has seven dog food variety, which are Puppy, Puppy Large, Adult Dog, 6 Fish Dog, Regional Red Dog, Tundra and Senior Dog. Aside from the famous dog food products, Orijen also make various dry cat food.

Orijen Ingredients
The ingredients of Orijen dog food are depend on the varieties. But the basic claims of them all are 38% rich in protein and low glycemic carbohydrates to nourish dogs in each stages of their life. Free of rendered poultry meals, which comes from dehydrated chicken and turkey to provide nourishing proteins to your dogs. The meats used in making Orijen are also claims to be free from preservatives, including the top 10 meats ingredients.

Aside from Six Fish variant, Orijen use their own Nutrient-dense WholePrey, which is the ratio of fresh meats, organs, and cartilage added with whole fish and fresh whole eggs to provide your dog with every nutrients needed. Their dog food also infused with freeze-dried cod liver to naturally enhance the flavor and palatability, for those who have fussy dogs.

About Acana
Acana is a brand of dog and cat food that is also manufactured by Champion Petfoods in Alberta, Canada and Kentucky. The product claims that their dog and cat food are designed to nourish your pet in two ways. The first way is by its natural evolution, which consist meat and protein rich diets. The second way is by using poultry, eggs and fish that are sustainably farmed or locally fished by local suppliers each days to be Acana ingredients.

Acana has four different varieties of dog food and each one of them has many varieties. The first variety is Heritage, which has seven different variety including free run poultry, freshwater fish, red meat, feast, paleo, puppy and junior, and light and fit. Second is regionals, which has four different varieties, including meadowland, wild Atlantic, grasslands, and Appalachian ranch. Third is singles, which has four different varieties including lamb and apple, duck and pear, pork and squash, and wild mackerel. Fourth is the single treats, which has four different varieties including lamb and apple, duck and pear, pork and squash and mackerel and greens.

Acana Ingredients
Acana pet foods are made with biologically appropriate concept, which mirror the quantity, freshness and variety of meats that nature evolved dogs and cats eats in the wild. Acana pet food are rich and nourishing, it also exclude high glycemic carbohydrates, vegetable proteins, synthetic additives and other important nutrients nature intended your dog and cat to eat. Acana food follows five rules, which are rich in meat and protein, high fresh meat inclusions, an abundant variety of meats, wholeprey meat ratios and carbohydrate limited.

Orijen vs Acana

- Contains more meat compare to Acana- Contains less meats compare to Orijen
- Sold at higher price compared to Acana- Sold in more affordable range of price compared to Orijen
- The varieties are not as many as Acana- Has more dog food varieties compared Orijen

Even though Orijen and Acana are manufactured by the same company, bound by different products, they also have some differences. Orijen has various types of dried dog food and freeze dried dog food. While Acana has wider varieties as mentioned above. Orijen contains 75% to 80% meat, while Acana contains between 40% to 65% meat. The carbohydrate content of Orijen is between 38% to 42%, while Acana maximum carbohydrate content is 25%. From the price range Orijen is pricier than Acana. When deciding between both, you can choose whether the more meat and pricier Orijen or the less meat and less pricier Acana, depend on your ability.