Nutro vs Royal Canin

As a pet owner, we are responsible for their wellbeing and make sure that they are getting all the nutritious foods as well as toys for them to play together. If you are currently looking for a good quality dog food, without the high price, Nutro dog food vs Royal Canin are two good options to pick with their trusted formulation. For those who are confused about which to choose, check our article below to see how they differ so we can pick one better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a dog food
– What are Nutro and Royal Canin
– What Variant do Nutro and Royal Canin can offer
– What Nutro and Royal Canin are made with
– Nutro vs Royal Canin

Dog Food
Living with pet is very fun because they can be our friend and family as well as help us cope with some problems we may have. Since they are a living being, we have a huge responsibility as the owner to make sure they are always healthy and happy when living with you simply because we love them and think that they are an important part on our life. A pet wellbeing is started from love and a good quality food to provide necessary nutrition.

The issue about pet food is there are so many of them especially for a common animal like dog and cats so it can be hard for owner to select and pick one to feed their pet compared to those that rarely kept as indoor animal. However, we still have to make a light research on the product quality and history in case there is an issue in the past that may harm your beloved pet as well as the level of nutrition because not all pet have the same need.

If you already make up your mind on choosing a suitable and good quality food, now is the time to hunt for the item out there. If you are here, chances are you have dog in the house and need something to feed them that will support their growth and active live.

About Nutro
There are a vast options out there so it is better to check them one by one or if you don’t have much time, listening to what the fellow pet owner use for their dogs may be very helpful to make sure we are getting a trusted brand. One of the most popular dog food brand in the market is Nutro dog food which is specializing their food for our good boy and girl at home. It is also one of Mars, the Tennessee based pet foods company brand.

Nutro Variant
This brand is offering a wide collection of dog food in their collection and we do like to see these many options especially for those owner with dogs that is not suitable with all foods sold out there since we can pick the one that is tailored for the common issue. Currently, they offer dry food, wet food, and canned food as well as some treats like biscuits to make your dog happy for their accomplishment. However, what we love the most is its tailored formula for dog that can’t eat all common ingredient.

In addition, they also have dog food variant made for each life stage from puppy, adult and senior as well as the breed size whether you have toy sized dog, small, medium or even large breed such as Great Dane and St. Bernard. Read also: Nutro dog food vs Purina One here.

Nutro Ingredient
Since they have so many of them, we are only going to pick one as an example and here we will take one of the most popular Nutro dog food which is the Essential Chicken and Brown Rice recipe. This specific food is made from the common ingredient and for adult dog without any health issue. It has chicken, chicken meal, whole brown rice, brewers rice, split peas and rice bran with 22% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 3.5% crude fiber, 0.2% omega 3, and 2% omega 6.

About Royal Canin
Because we have so many options out there when it comes to dog food, before making up your mind it is best to also see what the other brand has to offer so we can compare them and see which brand offer a better food for our beloved dog. Another good option out there besides Nutro is Royal Canin and we are sure most owner also familiar with this company and in fact, they are also owned by Mars, similar like Nutro.

Royal Canin Variant
Unlike the other, this brand is offering food for both cats and dogs so customer with both of them in the house can shop easily. The first thing we love from their product variation is they also provide food that specially tailored for those pure breed like pure puddle, golden retriever, and pug when you think they will need a specific food to support the growth and wellbeing. In addition, they also have food for special need such as for urinary SO, mobility support, and gastrointestinal issue.

Royal Canin Ingredient
Due to this huge options, we are going to pick only one from the collection and the one recipe often picked by dog parents is the dry food for medium sized dogs, regardless the breed. This specific food is made with brewers rice, chicken by-product meal, oat groats, wheat, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, natural flavors and many others. As for the nutrition it has 23% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 3.2% crude fiber, and 0.39% omega 3 fatty acids.

Now, let’s compare Nutro dog food with Royal Canin. As you can see, both of them are using the common ingredient we used to see on any dog food brands and we also like the variant they offer yet, comparing the two, Royal Canin is offering more special formulas. Nutro however, has a higher crude protein and higher omega 3 while Royal Canin has more fat and fiber.

Nutro vs Royal Canin

Nutro Royal Canin
- Less options - More options
- More affordable - More expensive
- Higher crude protein - Higher crude fat
- Higher omega 3 - Higher crude fiber

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have different things to look at and since these comparison only based on one foods, it may not reflect the whole collection so it is best to choose based on what your dogs need. However, between the two we prefer Nutro dog food because we like the ingredient better in this food and it is also cheaper than Royal Canin.