Nutro Dog Food vs Purina Pro Plan

Being a pet owner means we also have to be responsible in keeping the wellbeing of all of our pets so it includes the food and treatment we gave to them. Dog is a fun friend and a loyal companion for human so to pay their company, we have to make sure that they are getting all the required nutrition from food like those in Nutro dog food vs Purina Pro Plan. They are popular brand but made to be different so check them below before getting one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a pet food
– What are Nutro Dog Food and Purina Pro Plan
– What Nutro Dog Food and Purina Pro Plan can offer to you
– What Nutro Dog Food and Purina Pro Plan are made with
– Nutro Dog Food vs Purina Pro Plan

Pet Food
Pet is a common animal we often see when visiting friends and family because they are our animal friend and as a pet owner, we do understand the benefit from having one especially on the mental health. It is not a secret that pet will provide comfort for the owner when they are down or being in unpleasant mood because their behavior soothe us and having them near makes us feels not alone. Pet can varied from people to people but the most domesticated animals we see today are indeed dogs and cats.

These animals has been long being domesticated by human and for us the owner, they are a precious family member which is not coming from our species. The first thing comes to our mind when talking about pet is how cute they are and all pets are cute in the eye of their owner depend on our personal taste. What we have to make sure when having a pet is their wellbeing since it will affect their health and happiness.

To make our pet growing and ageing healthily, the most important thing will be their nutrition intake, just like us human with food. Food hold a big role in helping them stay active, healthy and accompany us for longer which all of us want so before purchasing any food, it is better to spend some time to see whether the food is good for them or not.

About Nutro Dog Food
Due to the popularity of pets whether it is dog, cat, bird, fish or any other uncommon animals, it is getting easy to find pet foods on pet store especially for dogs. While we indeed get more options to pick based on the need of our pet, it can be quite confusing as well because we have to make sure getting the most suitable food for our dogs. In general, most dog foods are safe for healthy dog but things can be hard when they have certain conditions.

This condition is affected by their diet which is why we have to be extra careful when picking one yet, if your dog is a strong boy/girl that can go with anything, we don’t have to be very cautious as well. One of the most popular dog food manufacturer out there is Nutro with their dog food line and if you ever use Royal Canin or Whiskas, all of them are owned by the same company which is Mars, Incorporated. Read also: Nutro dog food vs Royal Canin here.

Nutro Dog Food Variant
Nutro has various different food products to choose from the regular food like dry and wet or canned foods to treats and biscuits. Just like many other manufacturer, they also have foods that made according to the age or life stage and breed size. For owner with dogs that suffer from some health condition, this brand is offering a full line of tailored formulas such as those made without grain, with limited ingredients, and food designed for small eaters.

Nutro Dog Food Ingredient
Since they have lots of food, we are going to take one of them as an example to see what ingredients used to make the food and today, we are picking one of Nutro most popular food which is the Wholesome Essentials for adult, medium sized dog. This food is made of chicken, chicken meal, whole brown rice, brewers rice, split peas, rice bran and many more with crude protein level at 22%, crude fat at 12%, crude fiber at 3.5%, and vitamin E at 60 IU/kg.

About Purina Pro Plan
Because there are so many good options out there, it is good to also see what the other brand has to offer since then we can compare their product and see which can be the better choice to make sure our dog is getting a suitable food. Besides Nutro, Purinal also have one great dog food line with their Pro Plan. This Nestle owned brand is also popular with their other products such as Cat Chow and Friskies that we may have already used.

Just like the name, Purina Pro Plan is dog and cat food line which is designed and made from only the high quality ingredients available and has been scientifically formulated to help our dog or cat enjoy their healthy and happy life. It is claimed to have powerful combination of essential nutrients to optimize their key protective system and nourishment for a lifetime.

Purina Pro Plan Variant
In general the food brand has 4 main designed food that can be wet or dried type; Savor with its delicious taste for your dog’s everyday happiness, Focus with its proper nutrition for each dog category, Sport to provide the proper nutrient and energy for physically active dogs, and Bright Mind which is made to help ageing dog to retain their sharp, youthfulness or cognitive health.

Purina Pro Plan Ingredient
If your dog doesn’t have any health issue that need to be addressed with the food, one of the most popular food from Purina Pro Plan is the Savor, Shredded Blend Chicken for adult dog. This specific food main ingredient is chicken, a high quality source of protein, amino acids and helps build their lean muscle. In addition, there are rice flour, whole grain wheat, poultry by-product meal, soybean meal and many more. It has 26% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, and 460 IU vitamin E per kg.

Now, let’s compare Nutro dog food with Purina Pro Plan. Both of these big brands have so many foods in their collection and we have to choose according to our dog’s need. Comparing the certain food from each brand, we can see that Pro Plan from Purina is offering more protein, fat and vitamin E on each serving compared to Nutro which has a slightly higher fiber.

Nutro Dog Food vs Purina Pro Plan

Nutro dog foodPurina Pro Plan
- Lower protein - Higher protein
- Lower fat - Higher fat
- Higher fiber - Less fiber
- Less vitamin E - More vitamin E

All in all, the decision is all yours because our dog may have different need but from those two foods, we will recommend people with an active dogs to pick the Purina Pro Plan because it provide more nutrient to support their playtime and overall active behavior while those who move less may better pick a lower protein and fat Nutro to prevent overweighting them.