Nutro Dog Food vs Purina One

Just like when choosing our own food, we also have to pay much attention to what our lovely pets are consuming because it will affect their health, moreover, if they also have some health issues. For those dog parents out there, Nutro Dog Food vs Purina One are two good brands to choose to both support their health and makes them happier. If you also eyeing these brands, go check our article below to see which will be the better option for your dog.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a dog food
– What are Nutro Dog Food and Purina One
– How many variant Nutro Dog Food and Purina One have
– What Nutro Dog Food and Purina One are made with
– Nutro Dog Food vs Purina One

Dog Food
Having a pet at home is beneficial for us who loves animal because they can be like a friend or family that we can always count on to always be there. Dogs, cats or other common animals we keep inside the house will need much treatment because our duty is not only making sure they have something to eat and drink when thirsty since we also have to think about their well-being and it is start from providing a quality food.

Due to the popularity of house pet, manufacturer are offering more and more options to their customers and the amount is indeed overwhelming even for us who already keeping pet for years. Sometime our pet doesn’t like or show a symptoms of unsuitability with their food or supplement so we need to change their foods, moreover, if your pet have health issue to begin with; we may have to pay an extra attention to brands or ingredients that trigger the problem.

About Nutro
If you need a good quality dog food but don’t want to check them one by one or spend lots of time doing some light research, it is better to see what the other owner used because those that suits many will have a higher chance to satisfy us as well. Among those many options, Nutro is one of the best brand when it comes to pet food especially for dogs because the brand has been around quite a while and known to offer safe, high quality foods.

Nutro Food Types
Nutro is offering several types of food whether you are looking for dry food, wet food and treats to make your good boy/girl happy. The brand separate their product based on life stage from puppy, adult and senior; breed size from toy, small, medium and large; and the food type itself along with tailored formula which is designed for certain needs such as for dogs who can’t eat some ingredient like grain. Read also: Merrick Dog Food vs Solid Gold here.

Nutro Ingredient
They have many on the catalogue so we are not going to talk about all of them and only take one as an example of what kind of ingredient they use. For this article, we are choosing one of Nutro most popular food which is their Wholesome Esential Chicken, Brown Rice and Potato. As the variant suggest, it is made with chicken, chicken meal, whole brown rice, and many more. It contains 22% of crude protein, 14% crude fat, 3.5% crude fiber, 0.2% omega 3 and 2% omega 6.

Omega 3 and 6 are not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles but, since they are type of fat, these two also serve as a source of calories to support their active life and growth especially for puppies. Omega 6 is said to promote healthier skin and radiant coat while Omega 3 can’t be produced in the body so we need to supply them and it is usually claimed to support skin conditions, allergies, kidney functions, heart disease and many more by vet.

About Purina One
Because there are so many good options out there, it is good to also see what the other manufacturer or brand has to offer for we may find a better foods that suit our dog the most and besides Nutro, Purina One is also one of the leading brand of dog and cat food. Many people love their formulation because they are made from good quality ingredients and currently, they also have 28-day challenge you can participate to win $3 coupon from the brand along with other dogs and cats owner out there.

Purina One Food Types
The first thing we love about Purina One is their product website because unlike many others, they are offering a very specific checklist on things we need so they can recommend it for pet owner based on various things such as the age, breed size, special concern and preference of food like when our pet can’t eat grain, corn, soy or wheat. This way owner can pick based on their dog’s need quickly and effectively.

Purina One Ingredient
Since they have so many on the catalogue, we are only going to take one variant or recipe to give you an image of what kind of ingredients used to make the food so it can’t be applied to all of their foods. As for this article, we are going to pick one of Purina One most popular dog food which is their SMARTBLEND Chicken and Rice formula for adult dog.

As the name suggest, this food is made from chicken as the first ingredient which is source of glucosamine, rice flour, corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal, whole grain wheat and many more. It contains 26% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, and at least 1.6% of omega 6 fatty acids. The reason why they don’t include omega 3 is probably because the brand main source of the fatty acid is fish and fish products like fish meal.

Now, let’s compare Nutro with Purina One. As you can see from the comparison above, both of these brands are using the common main ingredients we often see on dog foods and should be safe for healthy dog without any health issues. The difference are on the nutrition fact because Purina One has a higher protein and fat yet slightly less in fiber.

Nutro Dog Food vs Purina One

NutroPurina One
- Lower crude protein - Higher protein
- Lower crude fat - Higher fat
- Higher fiber- Lower fiber
- Higher omega 6 - Lower omega 6

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because we may have our own judgment when it comes to which dog food suit our good boy/girl the best. However, make sure to also pay attention to the full ingredient list and as for active, adult dog, we recommend Purina One because it has higher protein and fat to energize your dog.