Merrick vs Wellness Dog Food

Merrick and Wellness dog food are both popular brands in the market. Both give you numerous food options you can choose for your dog as well as nutritionally complete food to support your dogs with their active and healthy life. If you are currently looking for the best food for your canine companion, go check our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Merrick and Wellness Dog Food
– What Merrick and Wellness Dog Food are made of
– Merrick vs Wellness Dog Food

About Merrick
Merrick is a brand of dog food manufactured by Merrick Pet Care, which is a subsidiary of the famous Purina Pet Care. The brand has been around since 1996 and currently one of the most popular brand of dog food in the United States based in Amarillo, Texas. They offer their products through many pet specialty stores and online retailers in the United States. Merrick provide their customer with all food types including dry foods, wet dog foods, and also yummy treats for your beloved dogs.

Similar to many other popular brands out there, Merrick also offer their products in various lines that was mainly based on their ingredients or recipes. Those lines are Grain Free, Backcountry, Backcountry Raw, Limited Ingredient Diet, Classic, Wet Recipes, and Treats. To help you peek at the ingredients they used to make their foods as well as the nutritional values, we are going to pick one of their food as an example.

Merrick Ingredients
One of Merrick most popular food comes from Grain Free line, which is Real Salmon and Sweet Potato recipe dry food for adult. This specific food is made with many ingredients like deboned salmon, salmon meal, sweet potatoes, peas, potatoes, whitefish meal, natural flavor, canola oil, deboned whitefish, and apples. It also contains 34% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 4.5% crude fiber, 0.4% omega 3, and 3.5% omega 6. For more dog food recommendation, check our article on Merrick Dog Food vs Acana here.

About Wellness
Wellness is a brand of dog and cat food manufactured by WellPet, which is a company made from combining Wellness Natural Pet with Holistic Select Natural Pet Food. This brand claims to make their food with simple, holistic approach to provide your dogs with food from real ingredients and real benefits. Wellness also offer a various food types for you to choose and match with your dog including dry food, wet food, mixers and toppers as well as delicious treats.

To ease you choosing the best and most suitable food for your dog, Wellness divided their foods into 4 product lines or brands that mostly based on the kind of ingredients they used to make them. Those lines are Complete Health that was made with grain, Core that was made without grains and focused on the protein, Simple that was made with limited ingredient for sensitive dogs, and Trufood that was cooked by slowly baking them to enhance the taste.

Wellness Ingredients
To peek their ingredients as well as nutritional value, we are going to pick one food as an example. One of Wellness popular food is Complete Health Grain Free in Deboned Chicken and Chicken Meal recipe dry dog food for adult. This food is made with deboned chicken, potatoes, peas, chicken meal, dried ground potatoes, chickpeas, tomato pomace, chicken fat, and ground flaxseed. It also contains 26% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 5.25% crude fiber, 0.75% omega 3, and 3% omega 6.

Now, let’s compare Merrick with Wellness. From the food variations, both brand offer equally many variants for you to choose. From the nutritional value of our sample above, we can see that, Merrick contains higher crude protein, crude fat, and omega 6 while Wellness contains higher crude fiber and omega 3.

Merrick vs Wellness Dog Food

- Contains higher crude protein- Contains less crude protein
- Contains higher crude fat- Contains less crude fat
- Contains less crude fiber- Contains higher crude fiber
- Contains less omega 3- Contains higher omega 3
- Contains higher omega 6- Contains less omega 6

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion it is best to suit the food with your dog’s needs. If they are not as active, Wellness is a great option to go but if they are very active, you should pick food that contains higher crude protein and fat like Merrick dog food.