Merrick Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo

Merrick and Blue Buffalo are rival in pet food industry. Both brands offer high quality foods for their customers pet. If you are currently having a hard time choosing between both of them, let our article help you by providing brief information for both brands.

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About Merrick
Merrick is a brand of dog and cat foods manufactured by Merrick Pet Care, Inc. This company was founded in 1968 and based in Amarillo, Texas. Merrick now is operating as a subsidiary of Nestle Purina PetCare Company. This brand currently offering their customer several of dog and cat foods. There are various lines you can choose including classic, backcountry, backcountry raw, limited ingredient, wet recipe, and treats. This brand promises you that their food are made from quality ingredients and contain nutrients needed by your dog to grow healthily and provide enough energy to help them with their active life.

Merrick Ingredients
Merrick made their foods with different ingredients according to the food line and several characteristics, such as stage life. In this article we are only going to take one variant as a sample, which is one of their most popular food; the Grain Free Real Salmon and Sweet Potato. This variant main ingredients are deboned salmon, salmon meal, sweet potatoes, peas, and potatoes. Merrick Grain Free Real Salmon and Sweet Potato is able to provide balance nutrition comes from their whole foods that is ideal for all dog breeds and life stages. This specific variant contain 34% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 4.5% crude fiber, 0.4% omega-3, and 3.5% omega-6.

About Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo is a brand of dog and cat food, manufactured by Blue Buffalo Co., Ltd. This company is incorporated in 2012 and based in Wilton, Connecticut and now is operating as a subsidiary of Blue Pet Products, Inc. Blue Buffalo are selling their products through their retail partners and online retailers. The company currently offer various lines of pet foods including Blue Life Protection Formula, Blue Freedom, Blue Basics, Blue Wilderness, and Blue Natural veterinary Diet. This brand promised their customer that their foods are only made from all natural ingredients and real meat. If you need more information about other brands, read our article on Fromm vs Blue Buffalo here.

Blue Buffalo Ingredients
Blue Buffalo are making their food with different ingredients depend on the product line and categories, such as main protein source, life stages or special needs. In this article, we are going to pick one variant, which is one of the most popular food by Blue Buffalo; the Life Protection Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe. This food is made with deboned lamb. Turkey meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, peas, chicken fat, and many more. The ingredients used are all beneficial for your dog healthy and active life as well as healthy skin and coat. This specific variant contains 22% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 0.5% omega-3, and 2.5% omega-6.

Now, let’s compare Merrick and Blue Buffalo dog foods. Both of them are offering their customers a wide range of foods and treats. What differ them is that Blue Buffalo have food for special need dogs, such as to maintain weight and for kidney health while Merrick doesn’t have this kind of line. Other difference is their nutrition content. Merrick food variant in our example is contain more protein and omega-6 than Blue Buffalo. However, Blue Buffalo contain more crude fiber and omega-3. Those comparison are only based on sample we take from both brands, so it may not resemble all of their foods.

Merrick Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo

Merrick Dog FoodBlue Buffalo
- Doesn’t offer food variant for special need dogs- Have food for special need dogs
- Contain higher protein- Contain higher fiber
- Contain higher omega-6- Contain higher omega-3

All in all, the decision is yours to make. Before making your purchase you may want to consider your dog need first. If they need more protein, it is better to opt for Merrick, but if you think they need less protein, you may want to opt for Blue Buffalo.