Kasiks vs Taste Of The Wild

Kasiks and Taste Of The Wild are two dog foods that are quite popular in the market because they have good meat-based ingredients. In this article, we will see the comparison between Kasiks vs Taste Of The Wild to help you decide which one that is the best for your dog.

This article will cover about:
– The ingredient analysis of each dog food
– The comparison of their nutritional values
– The recall history of each dog food
– The available formulas on Kasiks vs Taste Of The Wild
– Which dog food that is generally better

Kasiks: Ingredient Analysis
Kasiks actually uses good quality ingredients. Most of the ingredients are highly nutritious for your dog. There are just a few things that you need to consider before choosing this dog food. However, there aren’t many meat-based protein sources, as the nutrition is heavy on the carbohydrate. See also: Zignature vs Taste Of The Wild.

The first ingredients of Kasiks are lamb meal, chicken fat, green lentils, red lentils, chickpeas, yellow peas, green peas, pea starch, and tomato pomace. They are not listed in a particular order, but these are the ingredients of Kasiks that come in the highest amounts. As you can see, there are just two meat-based ingredients, while the others are vegetables.

Most modern dogs nowadays require both meats and vegetables in order to thrive. However, meat-based ingredients are generally considered superior because they provide nutrients that can be absorbed more easily by dogs. There are not many nutrients that dogs need from plants. Unsurprisingly, since Kasiks has many plant-based ingredients, the nutrition profile is heavy on the carbohydrate.

Tomato pomace actually provides good fiber, vitamins, and minerals. However, it is widely considered as a cheap filler. Kasiks also use additional vitamins, minerals, and yeast extract. The yeast extract is beneficial for boosting your dog’s immune system. However, some dogs may experience allergic reactions on this particular ingredient.

Taste Of The Wild: Ingredient Analysis
Taste Of The Wild generally has good ingredient quality. However, there are also some ingredients that may be unsuitable for your dog. This dog food is also heavy on the carbohydrate side, but it is generally more balanced than the previously discussed dog food.

The first ingredients of Taste Of The Wild include beef, lamb meal,egg product, ocean fish meal, wild boar, salmon oil, natural flavor, garbanzo beans, peas, canola oil, tomato pomace, pea flour, flaxseed, and brewers yeast. There are also added vitamins and minerals, as well as probiotics.

The good thing about this dog food is that it uses more meat-based ingredients. As the effect, the quality is generally better. It has more proteins and fats that are easy to digest. Also, the probiotics are highly beneficial for maintaining your dog’s digestive health and immunity.

Unfortunately, there are some potentially controversial ingredients. First, canola oil is actually rich in omega-3 fatty acids, but canola oil may be acquired from a genetically modified source. Second, it uses tomato pomace, which is considered as a cheap filler. Third, some part of the protein content is actually derived from plants rather than meats.

Nutrition Comparison
Now, if we compare the nutrition of Kasiks vs Taste Of The Wild, we can find notable differences. These dog foods have different amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. While dogs require all of these macronutrients, protein and fat are especially important because they provide important amino acids and fatty acids required for normal growth and bodily functions.

On a dry matter basis, Kasiks contains approximately 51% carbohydrate, 28% protein, and 13% fat. Compared to its competitor here, Kasiks has higher carbohydrate but lower protein and fat.

On a dry matter basis, Taste Of The Wild contains approximately 43% carbohydrate, 32% protein, and 17% fat. Compared to its competitor here, Taste Of The Wild indeed has lower carbohydrate, but it also has higher protein and fat.

Hence, we can say that Kasiks is not very good in terms of nutrition. Well, it is not bad, but it is mostly just carbohydrate. It will provide a high amount of energy, but it won’t much of an aid for growth. Taste Of The Wild actually provides more protein and fat, which are highly important for your dog’s health and growth.

Recall History
The next thing to consider when choosing between Kasiks vs Taste Of The Wild is the recall history. This is a way to estimate the quality control of the company. A clean track record may indicate that the company takes things seriously in the effort of providing the best nutrition for your dog.

Kasiks hasn’t been recalled at all since 2009. This is definitely a good thing. It may indicate that the quality control is really good. Hopefully, the company’s track record will remain clear in the future.

Taste Of The Wild, on the other hand, has been recalled once in 2012. The reason for the recall was unclear. However, their dog foods haven’t been recalled anymore since then, so we may assume that the root problem has been solved and the quality control has improved.

Available Formulas
Kasiks is available in three formulas which use different types of meat. The available formulas of Kasiks are:
– Kasiks Free Range Lamb Meal
– Kasiks Free Run Chicken Meal
– Kasiks Wild Pacific Fish Meal

Taste Of The Wild is available in a variety of formulas. Some of them use different types of meat. Some of them are designed for specific life stages. Here are several popular formulas from Taste Of The Wild:
– Taste Of The Wild Wild Southwest Canyon
– Taste Of The Wild High Prairie Formula
– Taste Of The Wild Wetlands Formula
– Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Formula
– Taste Of The Wild Pine Forest
– Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain
– Taste Of The Wild Appalachian Valley for Small Breed Dogs
– Taste Of The Wild High Prairie for Puppies
– Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream for Puppies

Kasiks vs Taste Of The Wild

KasiksTaste Of The Wild
- Has fewer meat-based ingredients- Has more meat-based ingredients
- Very high in carbohydrate- High in carbohydrate
- Relatively lower protein and fat- Relatively higher protein and fat
- Hasn’t been recalled- Has been recalled once in 2012

In general, Taste Of The Wild is more recommended. This dog food has slightly better ingredient quality because it uses more meat-based ingredients. It also provides better nutrition, as it is higher in protein and fat. Taste Of The Wild is available in various formulas for specific purposes.