IAMS Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo

IAMS Dog Food and Blue Buffalo are two popular dog food brands available in the market. Not only they offer various foods and treats, they also made from selected ingredients to support your dog’s healthy life. If you want to choose between both, you should check our article below first.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is IAMS Dog Food and Blue Buffalo
– What IAMS Dog Food and Blue Buffalo are made of
– IAMS Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo

About IAMS Dog Food
IAMS Dog Food is brand of dog food manufactured by Mars, Inc., which is a manufacturer of various food products including dog food and currently one of the largest privately held company in the United States. This brand offer their customer numerous dog foods based on dog life stages, weight management in two lines of products namely Healthy Naturals and Proactive Health. They also offer foods for specific need, such as food for sensitive skin or joint health.

IAMS Dog Food have all the food variants you need whether it is dry food, wet food or treats for your good boys and girls. Since they have so many foods, we wouldn’t pick all of them but we will choose one of their bestselling food as an example to peek at the ingredients they used as well as nutrition content. One of their popular food comes from the Proactive Health Minichunks for adult dry food. For more dog food recommendation, check our article on Orijen Dog Food Vs Blue Buffalo Wilderness here.

IAMS Dog Food Ingredients
IAMS Dog Food Proactive Health Minichunks is specially made for adult dogs with essential nutrients and prebiotics to support their healthy body outside and inside. This specific food is made from various ingredients, such as chicken, corn meal, ground whole grain sorghum, chicken by product meal, dried beet pulp, and chicken fat. It also contain 25% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.14% omega 3, and 2.15% omega 6.

About Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo is a brand of dog and cat food by the same name company Blue Buffalo. This company have been around since 2002 and was formerly operate as Blue Pet Product subsidiary until last April when it was sold to General Mills, Inc. This brand is available all across United States in pet specialty stores as well as numerous online retailers. Blue Buffalo offer various product lines including Life Protection Formula, Freedom, Basics, Wilderness, and Natural Veterinary Diet.

Each one of them is created with different mix of main ingredients depending on each lines purposes. Life Protection is made with finest natural ingredients; Freedom is made without grain; Basics is intended for sensitive dogs; Wilderness is made with more meat; and Natural Veterinary Diet that intended for dogs with some health conditions. Since there are so many of them, we are going to pick only one food to be used as an example of their ingredients and nutrition content.

Blue Buffalo Ingredients
One of their popular food is the Life Protection Formula Chicken and Brown Rice for adult dog. This specific food is from various ingredients, such as deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, chicken fat, tomato pomace, and peas. It also contain 24% crude protein. 14% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 0.5% omega 3, and 3.0% omega 6.

Now, let’s compare IAMS Dog Food with Blue Buffalo. Both brands offer a wide range of dog foods whether it is dry, wet, treats of foods for dogs with health condition. From their sample food, we can see that IAMS dog food contain more crude protein than Blue Buffalo while Blue Buffalo contain more crude fiber, omega 3 as well as omega 6.

IAMS Dog Food vs Blue Buffalo

IAMS Dog FoodBlue Buffalo
- Contains more crude protein- Contains less crude protein
- Contains less crude fat- Contains more crude fat
- Contains less omega 3- Contains more omega 3
- Contains less omega 6- Contains more omega 6

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Both are great options to support your dog active life and wellbeing. However, in our opinion since Blue Buffalo contain more nutrients, you may want to pick it over IAMS.