Hill’s Science Diet vs Healthy Advantage

Feeding our dog is what an owner should take seriously because it affects the wellbeing of our canine friend. Sadly not all dog foods are made the same which is why it is necessary to choose the better one such as Hill’s Science Diet Vs Healthy Advantage. These foods are made with good quality ingredients and designed to provide a balanced meal everyday. If you are also considering these brands, do check what they can offer before deciding to choose one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Feed Your Dogs
  • What are Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage
  • How are the Food Variants of Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage
  • What are the Ingredients of Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage
  • How are the Food Quality of Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage
  • How are the Nutrient in Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage
  • Hill’s Science Diet Vs Healthy Advantage

Feeding Your Dogs

Just like with inexperienced parents, inexperienced pet parents often struggle as well when it comes to feeding their pets. Food is a necessary factor that affects their growth and overall well being because like humans they will need a proper food with balanced nutrients to both grow and strive as they grow older and of course stay healthy to spend time by your side. If you are worried about the feeding issue, there are many guides and factors to consider when giving the dogs their daily meals.

Not all dog owners have to do the same but for healthy adult dogs, veterinarians usually recommend feeding them at least twice a day and for those suffering from certain health issues or dietary needs may require specialized feeding schedule or restriction on what they can eat or should eat. Especially if your canine friends have some issues, it is best to ask their vet first before changing diet so we can consult the habits and make sure to feed the right amount of nutrients.

In addition, breed size also often plays a role in deciding how often to feed them because a common large breed for example will need more frequent feeding and more calories per day than its medium or small friends.

Not only breed size, their age is also affecting the feeding approach. We all know that puppies are in their growing stage and similar to large breeds, they will need to eat more frequently than their parents. The puppy nutrition is crucial as foundation for the future growth as well as their organ and bone development which is why we recommend to choose puppy formula like Purina Puppy Chow Vs Blue Buffalo in order to provide the proper nutrient. What we need to pay attention to is the amount as they need frequent meals but in small quantities.

As an owner, we also often surrender from their begging and adorable puppy eyes which then lead to more feeding time. We have to be firm because most healthy adult dogs only require two meals a day and if they continue to beg, instead of meals we can give them healthy treats to prevent overfeeding. If you are not sure how many they should eat, we can see the chart of their foods to match with their weight thus, we will know how many to serve.

If you have more than one dog in the house, we should stick to a schedule as well for all of them. It is true that free feeding is convenient because we can leave it like that and don’t have to refill the bowl a few times a day but it is difficult to control which dog eats certain food and how many they have eaten which can also lead to obesity for some of them.

About Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage

Not only the feeding guide and the portion or schedule, now we also need to choose the food because as we all know, there are so many of them out there and not all of them will fit for your dogs. In many cases we also found that some manufacturers recall their products due to some issues which makes it even more difficult to trust them, including big and well-known manufacturers. However, for healthy dogs, common regular dry foods made from good quality ingredients are usually safe to consume.

If you are worried about cheap foods, we can try the more popular names such as Hill’s Pet brands. This is one of the most reputable names in the industry and has been operating for quite some time as well in order to provide good nutrition for both dogs and cats. Their history however is not clean such as with recent recall of their canned wet food for dogs that contains too much of Vitamin D. The company admits the mistake by their supplier and recalls the foods.

The latest recall doesn’t affect the dry food line and cat food line so we can assume that the dry food which is more popular for dog owners is still safe to buy. The company also has various brands on the collection, some of the most popular are Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage. Hill’s Pet itself is known for their expensive foods compared to many other brands out there and this is because their products are formulated based on science to promote health.

Both of them are often suggested by veterinarians for dog parents in order to provide not only a balanced diet but rich in nutrition to help them strive and stay healthy. If the Science Diet is claimed as biology-based nutrition for best life and backed by scientific research, the Health Advantage veterinary exclusive is said to give multi-benefit in each of the food.

Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage Food Variants

Just like most foods from other brands, you will meet a lot of different options in the catalog by Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage. Starting from Science Diet, you will see both dry and wet dog foods in various different variants. These variants are based on recipes, breed size, and life stage or different health conditions that your canine friend may have such as sensitive stomach, oral health, and healthy weight. As an example, we are going to look into the healthy adult dry food in this comparison.

On the other hand, the Healthy Advantage has far less food options than Science Diet but it still offers both dry and wet food variants just in a few recipes. It still has food based on life stage and breed size with an addition of one special care for oral health. For example, we are choosing dry food for healthy adult dogs like in the sample picture above.

Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage Ingredients 

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage can offer. Starting with the Science Diet for adult dogs, this food is made with chicken as the main ingredient which indicates that the protein source is based on this animal meat as well. The second ingredient is cracked pearled barley and then followed by other grains such as wheat and corn then sorghum. It does have other animal based ingredients but after these grain based.

On the other hand, Health Advantage adult dry dog food is also not far different because it is made with chicken as the first ingredient. It is then followed with other grain but in this variant it is brown rice, wheat and pearled barley. It similarly has soybean meal and chicken meal, the same with Science Diet food above. But, this variant is using pork fat instead of chicken fat.

Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage Food Quality

Chicken is a very popular dog food ingredient that is often found in many other brands as the main source of protein. It is easily available but since fresh meat contains more water than for example chicken meal which is like the dry version of chicken meat, the amount of meat after processing and becoming dog food will be reduced in quantity. Wheat, barley, rice, sorghum are also common grains in dog foods and since our canine friends are not strict carnivores, they can eat these carbs.

They are cheap and made up most for the food while also being the source of energy as well as fiber, vitamins, or minerals. Animal fat such as from pork or chicken is put in the food because the fat content from the fresh meat or meal is reduced so the fat is needed to supply the food with this nutrient.

Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage Nutrition

The last part we want to talk about is Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage nutrient content because this is also necessary to know about the nutrient in every serving. In this part both of them are pretty much the same to each other and looking from the ingredient list, it is not surprising that the two are also offering the same value. For example they contain 23% of protein and 15% of fat as well as respectively 2 and 1% fiber in the food.

Hill’s Science Diet vs Healthy Advantage

These foods from Hill’s Pet are equally good options for dog owners who want to give good meals for their pets but, they are also not the best if you consider that dog foods should contain mostly animal meat or meal as how they eat in the wild. However, since dogs can eat other foods as well, as long as they are not sensitive to grain then Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage are equally good options with similar nutrient value.

Hill's Science Diet Healthy Advantage
- Scientifically developed- Tailored for 5 essential health benefits
- Available from pet stores- Available in veterinarian offices
- More affordable- Can be more expensive
- Wider food variants- Less food variants 


All in all we should shop wisely and both Hill’s Science Diet and Healthy Advantage are good choices for your healthy dogs or for some health issues depending on the recipe. We recommend the food that is more convenient to you because Healthy Advantage is available through your vet only.