Fromm vs Orijen

Choosing the right food for your beloved pet might not as easy as it seems. We have to be cautious choosing their food, because the right food will makes your pet healthier and prolong their life. Since there are so many dog food available in the market these days, you may confuse about which one to choose. To ease your work, here in this article we are going to compare two popular dog food brand, which are Fromm and Orijen.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Fromm and Orijen
– How many variants Fromm and Orijen have in their dog food line
– Fromm vs Orijen

About Fromm
Fromm is a pet food brand that was manufactured by Fromm Family Foods, LLC, which is an American company build in 1904 and based in Mequon, Wisconsin. Their company offer dry entrees and low fat treat for dogs and cats. It also has nutritionals, such as fresh duck, chicken, liver, lamb, whole eggs, and cheddar cheese for both cat and dogs. Fromm is being distributed in Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Denmark, and Germany.

Fromm variants
Fromm has so many variants and types of products, at fromm’s site you can choose your preferred dog food by shorting them using panel located at the left side of the page. From those filter, choosing your dog food will be easier, since they will be shorted out according to some categories. Those categories are life stage, breed size, recipe types, attributes, product line and protein types. As it have been mentioned above, aside from dog food, Fromm also produced cat food and available in both dry and wet food.

In the dog food section Fromm has dried food, wet food or Pate and treats variants. The ingredients Fromm used to make their dog and cat food may vary from variants to variants commonly depend on the dog breed and age. There are four lines in the dog food categories, which are Four-Star, Gold, Classic, and Pate.

About Orijen
Orijen is a brand of Dog and Cat food manufactured by an American Company Champion Petfoods that was found in 1985 by ReinhardMuhlenfeld. Orijen manufactured their products in their facilities in Alberta, Canada, and Kentucky. Orijen is one of the most popular dog and cat food and are currently being sold in 70 countries. You can read our previous article on Orijen vs Acana here.

Orijen Variants
Orijen has so many different varieties but are categorized in three types, which are dry dog food, freeze-dried dog food, and freeze-dried treats. In the dry dog food category, Orijen has six different varieties, which are designed depends on some characteristics, such as puppy, puppy large, senior, tundra and fit and trim. In the freeze dried dog food, they have adult dog, regional and tundra, while in freeze dried dog treats Orijen has nine different variants, such as six fish, angus beef, regional red, tundra, original, Romney lamb, free-run duck, wild boar, and plains bison.

Each Orijen variants may have different meat percentage, but most of them range from 85% to 100%. Orijen combined many kind of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables into a fine combination that is not only nutritious but also liked by your dogs. Orijen also claims that their food has limited carbohydrates so it will also help keeping your dogs at its proper weight.

Fromm vs Orijen

- Contains lesser crude proteins at 28.51%- Contains higher crude protein at 42.35%
- Contains lesser crude fat at 16.54%- Contains higher crude fat at 23.90%
- Contains lesser crude fiber at 4.79%- Contains higher crude fiber at 6.28%
- Sold at more affordable price compare to Orijen- Sold at higher price compare to Fromm

When comparing both Fromm and Orijen, you may want to know their crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber content to decide which one is better for your dogs. Orijen has higher crude protein at 42,35%, while Fromm only has 28,51%. Orijen has higher crude fat at 23,90%, while Fromm only has 16,54%. Orijen also has a higher crude fiber at 6.28%, while Fromm only has 4.79%. But Orijen are also comes in higher price compared to Fromm. If you want to give your dog food with higher protein, fat and fiber content , we highly recommend you the Orijen dog food.