FROMM vs Merrick

One of the most important part to pay attention when having a pet like dog is to keep their nutrition proper for their growth and activity as well as wellbeing. FROMM vs Merrick are two good dog food brands that are made from quality materials so they will support our dogs sated, healthy, and happy with tasty recipes. Go check our article below to see what they are made of along with the nutrition content to see which of them can be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Are you currently looking for a dog food
– What are FROMM and Merrick
– What FROMM and Merrick can offer to you
– What FROMM and Merrick are made of
– FROMM vs Merrick

Dog Food
Many of us having one or more pet at home and it is good for our mental health because they are like a friend and family that always there for us. People can have different preference when it comes to house pet but all of us agree with one thing which is the responsibility to protect their wellbeing while living with us and if possible, let them live a long, happy life as part of the family. Among many other types of animals, dog and cats are probably the most popular option for a pet.

They are surely cute and hugging them will relieve some of our worries when coming home from work or doing other activities outside. To pay our best friend effort on keeping us happy, we also have to make sure they are getting the same treatment from us and it all started from a good quality foods. When having a pet, paying attention to what they eat is necessary since it will affect their health level especially if your pet is also suffering some issues already.
To make sure we are using or picking the proper food for our pet, we will need to see what they are made of including who the one manufacturing them just to make sure they are paying a close attention to their products. In addition, we may also want to suit the food with our pet needs such as those designed for small breed or those made to support senior dog and cats.

Since there are so many pet food brands out there, we have to pick based on their reputable names and food qualities because foods are playing an important role; even able to instantly affect our beloved pets like dog. One of the most trusted brand of pet food today is FROMM which has been operating since decades ago and still owned by family to keep its legacy as a trusted pet food manufacturers in the US. If you are living in Milwaukee, you will be familiar as well with their annual festival.

FROMM Food Types
This brand is offering many food choices that was designed to give the proper nutrition for your dog and cat but today, we are only talking about the dog food. Just like many other similar brands, FROMM is also offering a wide varieties of foods based on various categories including life stage, breed size, recipe type, and attributes so each user can pick which one of the food to choose for their dog. In addition, they also listed the main source of protein in case you have personal preference.

FROMM Ingredients
Because there are so many products to choose, we are going to take one of them as a sample and one of the most popular food from this brand is FROMM GOLD dry food for adult dog that has no special health needs. It is getting the protein mainly from chicken with chicken meal, chicken broth, oat groats, pearled barley, brown rice, chicken fat, and many more. The food contains 25% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 5.5% crude fiber and 418 kcal per cup.

About Merrick
FROMM is indeed a promising food made from various beneficial ingredients that we often see in other dog food brands but we also have much more option to pick so, before making the decision, it is better to see what the competitor has to offer. If you want to get a good quality food, Merrick is one of the best to go whether you are having a dog or cat. Operating since decades ago and based in Texas, they still handcraft the recipes today.

This brand is purchase by Nestle Purina back then in 2015, making it in the same family as the whole family of Purina pet foods. They are promising to make their foods from high-quality ingredients to give the industry-leading level of protein, vitamin, minerals and healthy fat. They are also sourcing the ingredients from farmer with trusted background and avoid the use of fillers or preservatives and anything that is not natural. Read also: Nutro dog food vs Purina Pro Plan here.

Merrick Food Types
The brand has one of the biggest collection for dog foods today and they are also making several types of food both dry and wet food as well as treats and mixer. In general the food is separated to puppy, adult, and senior with different specification in breed size too. In case your dog is not friendly with some certain ingredients Merrick is making food free from potato, fish, poultry, soy, corn, and wheat to suit different tummies or those with allergies against some materials.

Merrick Ingredients
There are so many good foods to choose from the brand so we are only picking one of them for example in this article. Today, we are going to see what Merrick Grain Free Real Chicken and Sweet Potato recipe is made from. This specific variant is made from deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, sweet potatoes, peas, and many more. It also contains 38% crude protein, 17% crude fat, 3.5% crude fiber, and 342/kcal per cup.

Now, let’s compare FROMM with Merrick. Since the sample we are picking are only one from each respectable brands, this comparison may not mirror the whole collections from both of these manufacturers. As you can see, Merrick contains higher crude protein, crude fat, and less calories compared to FROMM with higher fiber and calorie per cup.

FROMM vs Merrick

- Less crude protein - Higher crude protein
- Less crude fat - Higher crude fat
- Higher crude fiber - Less crude fiber
- Higher calorie - Less calorie

All in all, the decision is all yours to make because our dog may have different taste and preference including any health issues. However, if we are to recommend, we will choose Merrick because it has higher protein and fat yet lower in calories to help energize our dog’s body and help it grow or build lean muscle from the active play time.