Fromm Dog Food vs Science Diet

Our dogs need proper nutrition to grow, strive, and stay healthy to enjoy their life beside us. One effort we can make sure for our pet’s well being is by choosing the proper foods such as those from Fromm Dog Food Vs Science Diet. These foods are favored by many dog owners because of the good quality ingredients that support their health and may even prevent some conditions in the future. If you wonder which of them will be the better option, check the short comparison below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Commercial Dog Food Popular
  • What are Fromm dog food and Science Diet
  • How are the Food Variants of Fromm dog food and Science Diet 
  • What are the Ingredients of Fromm dog food and Science Diet
  • How are the Ingredient Quality of Fromm dog food and Science Diet
  • How are the Nutritional Value of Fromm dog food and Science Diet
  • Fromm dog food Vs Science Diet

Commercial Dog Food

Dogs are arguably the most popular house pet worldwide and this canine friend along with our feline friend have been living among humans since our ancestors’ day when they started to get domesticated or domesticated themselves to live with humans. We have a mutual connection where the animals help us to keep pests or to herd livestock and protect humans to a certain level while we provide them with a comfortable place to sleep and food to strive. Nowadays the trend changes as we tend to see house pets as friends and companions.

With the popularity of house pets it is not surprising to see more and more products for our canine or feline friends being offered in the market to monetize the trend. One of them is the pet feed or in this article we are focusing on dog food which is very popular and it seems already being like that as we know. But, in fact they have to start somewhere because in the early to mid-1800, our dogs are used to being fed with table scraps.

The reason is because it was the most economical way to provide food for our dogs back in the day so there is no scientific formulation or food specific for the animal as they eat the same food as us and thus, receive all the typical nutrients we also intake. What’s different is that food was healthier back in the day and there were no packaged human foods as everything was made or cooked from scratch. It is not until around the 1860s that dry food was invented.

The man who started the packed dog food was James Spratt who is an American man living in London where he sees street dogs eating old hardtack or crackers in the docks of London. The crackers made by Spratt were a hit and made him go back to the US in the 1870 to expand the business. This biscuit was made of wheat, vegetables, beetroot and meat while in the early 1900s, there was another brand called Milk-bone biscuit, shaped like a bone for dogs.

Dog foods were the same for decades dominated by giant companies but in the last decades or after the 2000, customers or dog owners started to question the nutrition and health concern about their dog feeds. For example as humans we are recommended to eat fresh food and cooking at home usually will lead to a healthier diet but why giving our dogs dried or canned foods? the answer is because it is convenient and even as a human, we often just eat what’s convenient as we have no time to prepare the food manually.

About Fromm dog food and Science Diet

Convenience is the answer why dog foods whether it is dry or wet is still very popular despite it is healthier to cook their food from scratch as we can tailor their nutrition. In addition dogs are also pretty easy to feed because they can eat both animal and plant based products, unlike the feline friends that are obligate carnivores. This eases dog owners when choosing the food for their pet as they can eat various meals, including the plant based ingredients.

The drawback is this fact also used by manufacturers to create cheap foods with more filler than the actual ingredients. This reduces the overall quality of the feed itself and sometimes even doesn’t worth the price they are offered in. As the owner we are responsible for their wellbeing and choosing the best food is necessary to maintain their health in the long term. While it can be confusing and time consuming, thankfully there are many dog food brands that are designed and made to help your canine strive.

Fromm dog food and Science Diet are two common options for pet owners to feed their house pet whether it is dog or cat as the two are offering the two variants in their catalog. The two are also quite popular among customers who want to get dry or wet food but in better quality as they are making the feed from good quality ingredients. Just like any brands the cost per lb. will decrease rapidly as you purchase the larger package.

The cost of Fromm dog food and Science Diet are about the same and if you purchase the larger than 30 lb. package, the cost per lb. will be around $1.5 which is very affordable but for the smaller package they can get as expensive as $3.2 per lb. Both companies are promising ideal formulation and good production control to only deliver the best foods which have been tailored to meet canine’s need. Read also: Bil Jac Vs Royal Canin.

Fromm dog food and Science Diet Food Variants

Just like most commercial dog food brands, Fromm dog food and Science Diet are carrying tons of variants to choose from based on your dog’s requirement. The sample picture above is the most popular Gold line but you will find Four Star, Classic, Pate, etc. from the company. Fromm also offers dog foods based on the Life Stage, Breed Size, Recipe Type, Attributes such as weight control or grain-free, and even the type of protein being used such as chicken, beef, duck, goose, etc.

On the other hand, Science Diet is a product of Hill’s Pet and besides this line, they have another product line as well that focuses on different aspects namely Prescription Diet, Healthy Advantage, and Bioactive Recipe. Among Science Diet itself, there are different types of food from dry, canned food, pouches, stews, and treats. You can also choose food based on the life stage or if the dog has a health condition. In addition there are recipes with no certain ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy as well as food for specific needs.

Fromm dog food and Science Diet Ingredients

Moving further, let’s check what Fromm dog food and Science Diet can offer and the most important part is the ingredients or the top ingredients. Since the two have lots of variants however, we are going to take one as a sample and starting with Fromm Gold, adult dry dog food, this food variant is made with chicken, chicken meal, chicken broth, oat groats, and pearled barley as the top 5 of the ingredients list. This food is meant or designed for healthy adult dogs and promising delicious taste as well as enhanced with probiotic for easy digestion. 

For Science Diet, we are choosing the Adult dry food in the Chicken & Barley recipe. This food is made from chicken, cracked pearled barley, whole grain wheat, whole grain corn, and whole grain sorghum as the top 5 ingredients. This food is promising to give them full energy which a healthy dog needs during their prime time and is easy to digest.

Fromm dog food and Science Diet Ingredient Quality

Chicken is a common ingredient in dog food, especially if the recipe is based on chicken meat. This white meat is great for dogs as a source of protein and if you fancy, owners can boil chicken meat as well for additional protein intake and support the meal. Chicken meal is made only from chicken meat which is much better than chicken by product that is made from the rest of unused chicken carcass. Pearled barley is a good source of fiber and low in cholesterol but it is high in carb. 

Many believe that dogs should focus on protein or meat so carbs should not be at the top of the list but in terms of safety, this ingredient is safe to consume. Oat groat is high in protein compared to calorie while also has anti-inflammatory properties. Whole wheat is a source of energy but only if your dog has no food sensitivity as the gluten may cause stomach issues for sensitive tummy.

Fromm dog food and Science Diet Nutritional Value

The last but not least factor is nutritional value of the dog food which needs to follow their recommendation if necessary. For the Gold Fromm dry food for adult dogs, this specific food is said to contain 25% crude protein, 16% crude fat and 5.5% crude fiber while on the other hand the dry food Science Diet for adult dog is designed to have 23.9% of protein, 14.7% of fat, and 2.1% of crude fiber. The caloric content of these feeds are also different with Fromm higher at 418 kcal per cup and Science Diet at 363 kcal per cup.

Fromm Dog Food vs Science Diet

Choosing a dog food can be time consuming but they are necessary to let the owner know what they give to their pet. Between Fromm dog food and Science Diet, the two are using real chicken meat as the first ingredient but comparing the rest of the ingredients, Froom is using more real ingredients such as chicken meal and broth to not only increase the protein but also may enhance the taste of the feed. But, it also has a higher protein and calorie per serving which may not be ideal for just any dog.

Fromm Dog FoodScience Diet
- Chicken and chicken meal- Chicken and pearled barley
- Higher in protein- Lower in protein
- Higher in fat- Lower in fat
- Higher in calorie- Low calorie


All in all it is best to shop dog food based on your dog’s need. Between the two we will recommend Fromm because it has more good ingredients for higher protein and is ideal for active dogs who need more energy during their prime age.