Fromm Dog Food vs Orijen

As pet owners, we have to be responsible for their wellbeing in which choosing the feed is also important to make sure our pet will live a long and healthy life by our side. For dog owners, the option will be abundant out there but not all of them are good quality food such as Fromm Dog Food Vs Orijen. These brands are well-known for their quality ingredients and balanced diet for your canine friends but, do check our short comparison below before deciding to choose one.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Choose a Dog Food
  • What are Fromm Dog Food and Orijen
  • What are the Food Variants in Fromm Dog Food and Orijen
  • What are the Ingredients of Fromm Dog Food and Orijen
  • How are the Quality of Fromm Dog Food and Orijen
  • How are the Nutrient of Fromm Dog Food and Orijen
  • Fromm Dog Food Vs Orijen

Shopping for Dog Foods

There are so many dog foods out there and we wish to only have a few good qualities so we can go with anything and still end up with the safest bet but, sadly this is not the case. The fastest way to choose a dog food is by asking your vet and chances are you will hear a familiar name as well but, it doesn’t mean we can’t choose them ourselves. If you plan to do so, here are some tips or things to consider when shopping. Read also: Blue Wilderness vs Purina Pro Plan.

First is their own need because just like humans, our diet may vary based on the activities or age, and even how our body reacts to certain nutrients. Do consider your dog’s physical characteristics such as behavior, health, and life stage. For example, puppies and lactating mothers will need more calories per day while senior dogs will need fewer. If you have an active dog, similarly they will need more energy for their activities while if your dog is a couch potato then we should feed accordingly to prevent excessive weight. 

Similarly, the breed size may need a certain type of diet for their optimum growth and activities such as between small and large breed but usually for breed size the difference is only on kibble size yet, it is important so our dog can eat comfortably.

Second is reading the ingredient list because this is where the most important information is. Do note that the ingredient list is arranged based on the weight so the more of them, the further to the top they will be. Meats or meals made from animal meat should be at the first spot because they contain water and it means the actual meat in the food will be less than how it seems. We highly recommend keeping the meat at the first two ingredients for the reason.

Third is knowing the buzz word you see in dog food packaging because they can be distracting sometimes. Terms such as “Beef for Dogs” or “Chicken Dog Food” means that the listed protein is 95% of the total product not with water but with water, the result will be 70% only. Food with “dinner” on them is a strong indicator it contains only 25% of the protein, similar to “entrée” or “nuggets”. If you see the phrase “with” chances are the food only needs 3% of the mentioned ingredient to be allowed using the term.

About Fromm Dog Food and Orijen

Choosing the best dog food for your pet and the one that is comfortable to the pocket as well is difficult as you can imagine. Cheap dry foods are abundant out there, especially convenient for owners with more than one dog to feed but we are putting their prolonged health at risk by choosing such foods and may have to spend more on medical bills later. To make sure we are providing an ideal food, those factors above can help you when shopping for the option.

Nowadays manufacturers are also more responsible for their products because they can get sued and ruin their own brand if they fail to provide a proper quality control. To save time, we can shop based on what other owners are choosing or look for the recommendation of best dog foods in the market, chances are we’ll end up with good food. Among those, Fromm Dog Food and Orijen are two ideal options to consider and they are the favorite among many as well for the quality ingredients.

Fromm is one of the most popular options in the market and this brand has been around for decades which is why most owners are familiar with this company. They also have both dog and cat foods in the catalog and operate two dry food and treat manufacturing facilities back in their home state Wisconsin. The company claims that they are manufacturing high quality, safe, and consistent pet foods for all pet owners as well as made to follow HACCP.

On the other hand, Orijen is one of the brands from Champion Pet Foods and the brother of Acana as they come from the same maker. It is inspired from the Latin word of Origin which means the beginning and it is to signify the brand’s purpose to mirror diet of both canine and feline from nature to make a biologically appropriate food, fresh, as well as never outsourced. All of these ideals put our mind at ease when feeding the pet with their foods knowing that it is safe for them.

Fromm Dog Food and Orijen Food Variants

One of the best things about dry dog food is not only the price and convenience but also the collection of recipes and variants that you can choose from. For example, the Fromm dog food line consisting of various different food types both on the dry and canned line. There is Gold dry food and regular Fromm dry food as well as recipes with different main proteins such as beef, chicken, or duck. In addition, they also separate the food for different life stages from puppy to senior dogs.

Similarly, Orijen is also available in just as many options as many other dog food brands in the market. The sample we are talking about today is from the original variant but the food choices are available for puppy, adult, senior, large breed, small breed, or in different recipes. The amount of protein based recipes is abundant here such as fishes, red meat, tundra, or even boar. Besides dry food, there are also lots of treats to choose from.

Fromm Dog Food and Orijen Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Fromm Dog Food and Orijen are made from. Starting with Fromm, since there are so many different recipes from the brand, we are going to take one which is Adult Gold dry dog food as an example. This food is based on chicken as the main protein source which is why it is made from chicken and chicken meal as the two main ingredients. They are then followed by chicken broth, oat groats, and pearled barley.

Orijen is more generous about the amount of ingredients in their food. For example today we are choosing the Original variant dry food for adult dogs which is mainly made from chicken meat at 13% and turkey meat at 7%. It is then followed by eggs at 7%, chicken liver, herring, and flounder. All of them are on fresh form which means they can contain quite a lot of water as well.

Fromm Dog Food and Orijen Food Quality 

In general the type of ingredients in Fromm Dog Food and Orijen are all good quality. For example, chicken meat is rich in protein and fat which means most of the protein sources are coming from these animal based ingredients, especially for Orijen because the top list ingredients are fresh meats. Yet, they also contain much water and in comparison will still need to add carb and fiber into the diet. Oat and barley are good sources of carbs and fiber for your dogs.

We have not mentioned any carb and fiber source from Orijen but this is because it is located pretty further down as next to fresh meat there are still some dehydrated forms of various meats as well such as dehydrated mackerel and dehydrated chicken. The carb and fiber source of this food are lentils and peas which are also rich in other nutrients such as vitamin B and phosphorus or other minerals like iron and zinc.

Fromm Dog Food and Orijen Nutrient

The last part we want to talk about is their nutrition because we can’t see how the food can supply the nutrients for our dog just by the ingredient list. Starting from the Gold dry dog food by Fromm, this specific food is claimed to have 25% of protein, 16% of fat, and around 5.5% of fiber as dry matter. On the other hand, Original dry dog food from Orijen is also rich in protein by offering 38% of crude protein and 18% of crude fat as well as a maximum of 5% crude fiber.

Fromm Dog Food vs Orijen

These dog food brands are good options for owners who want to shop conveniently and still get great quality dog foods. They are rich in protein and made with quality ingredients but in comparison Orijen is indeed incorporating more animal ingredients in the food which makes the food increased in protein and fat content. It is also lower in carb and fiber.

Fromm Dog FoodOrijen
- More food variants/recipes- Less recipes
- Lower in protein- Higher in protein
- Lower in fat- Higher in fat
- More affordable- Expensive


All in all you can go amazing with any of these foods because they are equally good options but, if we have to choose one, especially for owners with a very active dogs, Orijen is a better choice as it contains more protein and more animal based ingredients to help providing energy and to help your dog to strive.