Fromm Dog Food Vs Blue Buffalo

Deciding on pet food sometimes can be confusing. Since there are so many brands in the market that offering almost the same quality, that makes us need a little extra time before deciding. Whether you will take my friend’s or family’s recommendation, choosing one of them still becomes a serious concern for the pet owner.

This time we will bring you into the two brands of pet food in the market from the  Fromm Dog Food and Blue Buffalo. These brands have been tested that they produced healthy and hygiene dog food. So, let’s take a look at the review below before you decide to choose one of them.

Fromm Dog Food

Fromm Dog Food is a kind of pet food that is specifically made from grain and meat. The company promising nutritious food for the best result of their recipes. The company claims that they blend the ingredients properly rather than mix the ingredients such as other companies of pet food.

Fromm brands may not as popular as canned dog food, but the company promising its product with a high quality of dog food. That makes some pet owner choose these brands as it meets with their dog conditions. Some dog is having a picky eater so that makes Fromm produce the food for them.

Fromm Dog Food provides the fresh ingredients that make the taste of their food more delicious for the dog. They even blend the meat with some vegetables and fruits, so that the dog will get both protein and vitamins from the food. They keep makes the product balanced in vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Fromm produces healthier dog food than other brands in the market. Commonly for the wet or canned food, Fromm dog food contains about 40.7% of crude proteins, 21.3% of crude fat, and 6.5% of fiber. While the dry food, contain 28.7% of crude protein, 16.6% of crude fat, and 6.7% of crude fiber.

Fromm makes their food based on the common needs of any dog through their body. Commonly, the dog needs about 22 amino acids to support their body to life. That is why Fromm makes the acids by synthetic technology with the natural process. But it is also can be produced naturally by the protein from meat that they offer.

Fromm provides some certain pet food ingredients that support dog health. That is why Fromm avoids some crucial ingredients of food in their pet food. That to make sure that every dog consumes healthier food from their company without harm the dog bodies.

The price of Fromm Dog Food comes to vary depends on the variant and size of the food. It starts from US$31 as per 13 lbs on Amazon with so many variants taste. You can choose one of them that meet tour dog needs. Read also: Bil Jac Vs Pro Plan.

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo is a kind of pet food that provides so many nutritious foods. They claim that they only produce some premium dog food only with premium ingredients. The premium dog food is made specifically for those who want great food to support dog health in a long way.

Blue Buffalo has so many variants of dog food that meet most of every dog’s needs. There are the basic types that contain some allergic alert for a dog that has a sensitive stomach, the Carnivora diet, the grain-free, the life protection that be the most favorable dog food, and specific health dog food.

Blue Buffalo provides the food with some proteins and other good vitamins and minerals. The protein helps the dog to build strong muscles with the real meat that comes from these brands. It helps a lot to maintain the strong muscle for a dog that comes from the good protein inside their food.

Blue Buffalo packs with so many minerals and vitamins with an exact calculation. That will not harm the dog’s body but keep the immune system of the dog in a good way. The food also contains antioxidants to improve the dog immune so that they will not get sick easily.

Blue Buffalo contains the 6 fatty acids and Omega 3 that provide healthier food for the dog. The oil fish that add to this food helps it to maintain good skin for the dog. the company claims that the acid helps the skin and coat of the skin dog healthy than before.

Blue Buffalo formulated the food with the best ingredients that contain no grain and no poultry. That makes the food more healthy to consume even for the long term. The dog food sometimes contains some ingredients that harm the dog, so that this company makes sure the pet owner that their product is safe to consume daily for their pet.

Blue Buffalo comes in so many variant types of dog food such as from the smaller breed up to the large breed. They also provide specific dog food for those who need an exceptional food appetite such as the picky or the sensitive dog. The price also comes in varieties that start from US$40 as per 10 pounds of size pack on Amazon.

Fromm Dog Food Vs Blue Buffalo

Fromm Dog FoodBlue Buffalo
- Contains high quality protein and fat, suitable for growing puppies- Great option for growing cats and dogs
- Rich in carbohydrate and fiber content- Contains high levels of immunity enhancing antioxidants
- Contains Probiotics- Gluten free

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that the Fromm is a better way to pick than Blue Buffalo. As it comes from the price, Blue Buffalo comes more pricey than the Fromm dog food.

Besides, Blue Buffalo has more issues with recall history for the safety dog food. It records within about eight years from 2007 up to 2015, there are nine recalled for these brands. that makes the food has specifically harmful for the dog. While Fromm only has one recall in 2016.

Moreover, Fromm dog food has a great combination of ingredients with minimum controversial ingredients on their dog food. Comparing with Blue Buffalo that has so many controversial ingredients such as garlic, caramel color, pea protein concentrate, and many more.

All of these controversial ingredients makes Blue Buffalo has no intention to consume regularly to avoid the harmful. But, with Fromm dog food it is safer to consume daily with good ingredients inside.