Fromm Classic vs Gold

Finding the most suitable food for your dog is often tricky. When changing the food, your dog may experience stomach upsets for a few days. However, Fromm offers a distinct advantage in this regard. Below, we will discuss the comparison between Fromm Classic vs Gold to help you choose the best product for your dog.

What we will discuss below include:
– The distinctive benefit of Fromm dog foods
– The ingredients of Fromm Classic and Fromm Gold
– The nutrition of Fromm Classic vs Gold
– The available formulas on each product line
– Which dog food that is generally more recommended

Changing your dog’s food is often problematic because it may cause your dog to experience digestive upsets. This is because of the sudden change of the ingredients and nutrition. There are indeed some ways to minimize the intensity of the problem; some people try to mix the old dog food with the new dog food and gradually increase the amount of the new dog food to allow the dog to adjust. See also: Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food.

However, Fromm claims that you don’t need to worry about digestive upsets once your dog has transitioned to the brand. Fromm claims that their dog foods are “compatible” with each other, so that your dog can easily change from recipe to recipe without experiencing digestive issues. This is very convenient. Many dog owners are interested in Fromm dog foods because of this distinctive advantage. And many of them have been satisfied by the quality and effectiveness of Fromm dog foods.

Fromm has produced several different dog food lines. Two of the most popular lines are Fromm Classic vs Gold. What is actually the difference between these two lines? According to Fromm, Fromm Classic is based on the original recipe of the company, made from a balanced blend with chicken and brown rice to allow easy digestion, minimal allergy potential, and increased energy.

Meanwhile, Fromm Gold is formulated for specific life stages, from puppy to adult to senior. The company says that Fromm Gold is designed with a holistic approach for the nutrition. It uses natural and wholesome ingredients, including chicken, duck, lamb, whole eggs, and Wisconsin cheese.

Fromm Classic: Ingredients
Now, we are going to evaluate the ingredients of Fromm Classic. It is important to check the ingredient list before switching to a new dog food. You need to make sure that the product really uses good quality ingredients. Make sure as well that the dog food does not contain any ingredient that may trigger allergy reactions, if your dog has an allergy.

The ingredients of Fromm Classic are chicken, chicken meal, chicken meat, menhaden fish meal, dried whole egg, cheese, brown rice, white rice, oatmeal, pearled barley, beet pulp, flaxseed, and brewers yeast. There are also some plant-based extracts, probiotics, and added vitamins and minerals.

The overall ingredient quality is pretty good. There are real meats that provide important protein for your dog. However, there are also several protein-rich plant-based ingredients. For dogs, protein acquired from plants is generally not as good as protein from real meats. Also, there is a significant amount of carbohydrate from the grains and vegetables.

Beet pulp is potentially beneficial for your dog’s gut health. However, this high-fiber ingredient is also considered as a cheap filler by many people. Brewers yeast is a good source of nutrients and minerals; it can help to support the immune system and repel fleas. However, it may cause allergy reactions on some dogs.

Fromm Gold: Ingredients
Let’s see the ingredients of Fromm Gold. There are subtle yet notable differences here. In general, the ingredient quality of Fromm Gold is slightly better. It uses more quality ingredients.

The ingredients of Fromm Gold include chicken, chicken broth, chicken meal, chicken fat, chicken liver, menhaden fish meal, oat groats, dried egg product, cheese, brown rice, white rice, pearled barley, whole oats, dried tomato pomace, whole barley, flaxseed, barley, and brewers yeast. There are also added probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.

The overall ingredient quality is good. There are more meat-based ingredients here, so the protein quality is better. There are also good quality grains and vegetables. However, there are still plant-based proteins that make up the total protein content. There is also a filler, which is tomato pomace. It is actually high in nutrients and fiber, but some people consider it as a cheap filler. There is also brewers yeast.

There are some slight differences in the nutrition of Fromm Classic vs Gold. In general, Fromm Gold is slightly better because it provides more protein and fat, which are essential nutrients for dogs.

On a dry matter basis, Fromm Classic contains 26% protein, 17% fat, and 50% carbohydrate. The nutrition is really high in carbohydrate. This allows the food to provide high energy to your dog. But it is not as nutritious as Fromm Gold because of the lower protein and fat.

On a dry matter basis, Fromm Gold contains 28% protein, 18% fat, and 46% carbohydrate. The nutrition is also high in carbohydrate, but it is not as high as Fromm Classic. Instead, it provides more protein and fat. Both protein and fat are important for a dog’s growth and development. Besides servings as sources of energy, protein and fat provide amino acids and fatty acids that are needed for performing various bodily functions.

Available Formulas
Fromm Classic is available in three formulas. These formulas are designed for specific life stages. They are:
– Fromm Classic Puppy
– Fromm Classic Adult
– Fromm Classic Mature Adult

Fromm Gold is available in more options. The formulas are designed for specific purposes. They are:
– Fromm Gold Puppy
– Fromm Gold Large Breed Puppy
– Fromm Gold Adult
– Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult
– Fromm Gold Large Breed Adult
– Fromm Gold Weight Management
– Fromm Gold Reduced Activity and Senior

Fromm Classic vs Gold

Fromm ClassicFromm Gold
- Original recipe of the company, made from a balanced blend- Designed with a holistic approach for the nutrition
- Good ingredient quality with real meats, grains, vegetables- Slightly better ingredient quality with more meats
- Lower protein and fat, higher carbohydrate- Higher protein and fat, lower carbohydrate
- Available with fewer formulas- Available with more formulas

In general, Fromm Gold is more recommended. This dog food has better quality with more meat-based ingredients. It provides better nutrition, with higher protein and fat. It is available in more formulas for specific purposes.