Evolve Dog Food Review: Good Taste and Nutrition at Affordable Price

Having a pet indeed brings joy to our life but we also have to take care of their needs, such as foods as well as medical care. To lessen the burden of pet owner, Evolve offer many foods that not only affordable but also made with high quality ingredients. If you want to save more on your dog food, you may want to try the brand.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Evolve Dog Food
– What Variants Available Offered by Evolve Dog Food
– What Evolve Dog Foods are made of
– Evolve Dog Food Affordability

About Evolve Dog Food
Evolve is a brand of pet food that sells both foods for dog and cat. This brand is owned by Sunshine Mills, which based in Alabama, United States but also has additional locations in Tupelo, Halifax, Greenville, and Dublin. This company distributes their products through distributors and retailers throughout United States and Canada as well as Mexico. Evolve is one of Sunshine Mills brand along with other brands like Nature Farms, Veterinary Select, Buttons and Bows, and others.

Evolve Dog Food offer their customers a wide range of dog foods including dry food and wet food as well as dog treat. In their catalogue, the brand currently offers 11 dry dog foods, 11 wet foods, and 12 dog treats. All of their foods are named depends on the recipe or the main ingredients used to made those foods. Evolve foods also made with various mix of ingredients to deliver the best nutrition complete food for your dog as well as great taste that they surely love. For more dog food recommendation, check our article on Rachael Ray Nutrish vs Blue Buffalo here.

Evolve Dog Food Variants
Similar to another brands out there Evolve also divide their foods into two categories as adult dog food and puppy food. As from the lines of products, they divided their dry food into three categories including Classic, Simply Six, Baked, and Grain Free. Just like their names, Classic is the regular food; Simply Six is the limited ingredients food; Baked is grain free food that was cooked/baked in low temperature to keep its taste; and Grain Free is foods that were made without grain for sensitive dogs.

Evolve wet dog foods also named and categorized by their main ingredients and lines. They currently have the Classic and Nature’s Menu along the regular Evolve canned wet food. Those foods also named according to their recipe or main ingredients. At the other hand Evolve treats also have three lines including Grain Free, Meatball Classics and the regular treats. All of those said foods are designed according to each food purpose and recipe to give your dog nutritious foods to support their well being.

Among all of Evolve food, in this article we are going to pick only one dry food and treats to be used as an example to peek at their ingredients as well as nutrition content. Since there are so many of them, we are going to pick their popular food and treat. One of Evolve popular food and treats are Grain Free in Turkey, Garbanzo Bean and Pea Recipe and Grain Free Jerky Bites in Lamb, Sweet Potato, and Butternut Squash Recipe.

Evolve Dog Food Ingredients
Evolve Grain Free in Turkey, Garbanzo Bean and Pea Recipe is designed for sensitive dogs to promote their immune system. This specific food is made with various main ingredients, such as Turkey, Chicken Meal, Whole Ground Garbanzo Bean, Pea Flour, Sweet Potatoes, and Chicken Fat. It also contains not less than 25% crude protein, 15% crude fat, and not more than 3% crude fiber.

Evolve Grain Free Jerky Bites in Lamb, Sweet Potato, and Butternut Squash Recipe treats has a soft and moist texture as well as great taste to makes your dog wants it more and more. This specific treat is made with many ingredients like Lamb, Pea Flour, Chickpeas, Cane Molasses, vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Potato Flour, Tapioca Starch, Lamb Meal, and Butternut Squash. It also contains not less than 14% crude protein, 7% crude fat, and not more than 3.5% crude fiber.

Evolve dog food is not only made from quality ingredients but they also available in more affordable price than many other dog’s foods available in the market from various brands. Just for a comparison one Evolve food in 14 lbs. package is sold around $20 while a popular brand like Acana offer a food in 13 lbs. package in $47.26. In our opinion, Evolve dog food is a great option for a good quality food for both your dog and wallet.

Evolve Dog Food Review: Nutrition
– High in Crude Protein
– High in Crude Fat
– Moderate Crude Fiber

Evolve Dog Food Review Pros:
– High Quality Ingredients
– Offer a variety of foods
– Affordable

Evolve Dog Food Review Cons:
– Not as many variants as other popular brands