Eukanuba Puppy Food Review: Nutritionally Complete for your Puppy

Selecting the right food for your dog may be a tiring process since there are just so many of them out there offering a wide range of food in different recipe and other specifications that may confuse you if you never hunt for one before. Dog food itself usually offer foods for different life stages since the nutrition they need will also differ. In today Eukanuba Puppy Food review, we will give you more information regarding the brand, puppy food line. If you are interested, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Eukanuba Puppy Food
– How Many Food Variants Eukanuba Puppy Food can offer to you
– What Eukanuba Puppy is made of
– Is Eukanuba Puppy suitable for your puppy

Some people may ask why puppy food since dog food is dog food after all. But, in fact puppy needs puppy food because they will need twice as many calories per day compared to as adult dog. An eight week old puppy will need more protein, calcium, fat, and phosphorus, so it is important to pick the proper food for them to ensure they grow strong and healthily as well as to avoid some problems that may occur in the future.

Manufacturers know that thinking about all these nutrient they need is a bit confusing, which is why they offer numerous foods for puppy ranging from “toy breed” until “large breed puppy”, so you can just pick the one match with your puppy. Some tinier dogs also have smaller mouths where of course need a smaller kibble to be chewed while at the other hand large breed puppies may grow too fast and end up with some health problems like obesity if not monitored carefully.

About Eukanuba Puppy Food
Eukanuba itself is one of so many manufacturers in the market that also offer food for dog in different life stages start from puppy to senior dog. It is actually owned by Mars, Inc., which also own other brands like Pedigree and Spectrum Brands Europe after sold by Procter & Gamble in 2014. This brand is distributing their food in several countries worldwide. They also actively sponsoring championship to even more promote the brand. Their foods are branded as premium foods but are not as expensive as many other similar foods out there.

The company claims that their food are made to mimic what nature is intended your pet to eat, which is why they use high-quality animal proteins such as chicken and lamb as the primary source of protein. The food from Eukanuba are customized with carb and blended for sustained energy while also help to lessen the tartar buildup in your dog’s teeth for cleaner breath and healthy gums.

Eukanuba Puppy Food Variants
Similar like many other dog food brands out there, Eukanuba also divided their overall food to ease their customer picking the right food for their pet. However, unlike those that separate based on the recipe of food types, the brand decided to separate them based on the life stage, so you will get puppy food, adult dog food, and senior dog food. The brand also made food specialized for controlling your dog’s weight.

Even though it seems so many, in fact Eukanuba only offer 7 foods especially designed for puppy and it covers from dry food, wet food, as well as treats. There are food like Lifestage Formula Puppy Growth, Food for Large Breed, Health puppy treats, small breed puppy food, lamb & rice recipe puppy food, and wet food in lamb & rice as well as mixed grill chicken & beef dinner in gravy. All of these foods are designed to match your puppy’s nutritional requirements and help them grow healthily.

Eukanuba Puppy Food Ingredients
Since there are so many of them, in this article, we are going to pick only some of them to give you more information regarding the ingredients they used to make these foods. One of the bestselling Eukanuba puppy food is the Lifestage Formula for medium breed puppy. This food is enriched with DHA from natural fish oil to help your puppy’s learning ability and fatty acids to promote healthy skin as well as radiant coat.

It is made from numerous ingredients, the top being chicken, chicken by-product meal, cornmeal, ground whole grain sorghum, brewers rice, chicken flavor, dried beet, and chicken fat. It also contains 29% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.43% omega 3, and 2.37% omega 6. For another puppy food, check Purina Pro Plan Puppy Review here.

The second food we are choosing as an example is still from the puppy food line but in different type for now it is aimed for large breed puppy. This food is claimed to be made from high-quality animal based proteins to promote your large breed puppy’s strong and lean muscles. It is made from chicken, corn meal, chicken by product meal, ground whole grain sorghum, brewers rice, dried beet pulp, chicken flavor, and dried egg product. It also has 26% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 0.39% omega 3, and 1.9% omega 6.

For those who are owning a small breed, you may also choose food that also suitable for their small body. Eukanuba has food for small breed puppy that contains specialized fiber to help promoting healthy digestion of your small puppy. It is made from numerous ingredients, such as chicken, chicken by product meal, corn meal, ground whole grain sorghum, brewers rice, chicken fat, chicken flavor, dried beet pulp, dried egg product, and fish oil. It also contains 32% crude protein, 21% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.4% omega 3, and 2.6% omega 6.

As you can see, each of these foods are designed to have different nutrition value, which is intended to suit the kind of breed of puppy you have. Looking at the food ingredients, we can rest assure for all of them are proportionally used to create the best food for your puppy.

When searching for a food of course you may consider about the price since you are not going to purchase it just this time, you are going to use it for as long as your dog need it or at least until they are adult. Eukanuba itself is not the cheapest food available but for the quality it can offer to you, we can say that they are pretty affordable.

Eukanuba Puppy Food Review : Nutrients
– Different for every breeds
– Contains DHA for more trainable puppies
– Specialized fiber for healthy digestion

Eukanuba Puppy Food Review : Pros
– Made with chosen ingredients
– Offer food for different breed sizes
– Nutritionally complete
– Affordable

Eukanuba Puppy Food Review : Cons
– Only offer few recipes