Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food

Although Canidae and Fromm are not as popular as some other dog food brands in the market, they actually offer quality ingredients and good nutrition. These two brands are often available in similar price levels. S, which one is better? Read the comparison between Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food below for the answer!

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– The background of the company that produces each dog food
– The ingredient quality of each dog food
– The nutritional values of Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food
– Whether their products have ever been recalled or not
– Which dog food brand that is generally more recommended

Company Background
Canidae Dog Food is one of the few pet food companies that are truly independent. It is a family-owned company that is based in Brownwood, Texas. Since it is an American company, it is supposed to have high standards. The company makes their high-quality pet foods in-house. The company claims that its mission is to deliver the highest-quality pet foods that have better percentages of meat than lower-quality products.

Fromm Dog Food is also an independent family-owned company that is based in Wisconsin. It is considered as a mid-sized and local company, even though its products are already distributed to many states. It operates its own plants, which are dedicated for producing high-quality and consistent dog foods. The facilities are safe and clean, and have passed rigorous regulation and healthy safety tests from the government.

Ingredient Quality
In order to compare the ingredient quality of Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food, let’s pick their all-purpose dog foods to be matched against each other. We will compare their ingredients that come in the highest amounts. Good dog foods are supposed to have more meat ingredients and more beneficial, nutritious ingredients than fillers.

Canidae has the Life States All Life Stages Formula, which is the most all-purpose dog food that is available in the brand. This product lists chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, as well as brown rice and white rice as the first ingredients. These ingredients are actually good. The meats provide good fats and nutrients. Brown rice is a good whole-grain ingredient.

Unfortunately, the amount of brown rice and white rice when the two are combined is likely to be higher than the meat content. This is not good. In addition, this Canidae dog food uses tomato pomace and sun-cured alfalfa meal, which are fillers that aren’t necessarily harmful but don’t provide much nutrition.

Fromm has the Gold Adult Dry Dog Food, which is suitable for adult dogs of most breeds and sizes. It contains ingredients of very high quality, which are chicken, chicken meal, lamb, and menhaden fish meal. These are lean meats that are very good for your dog.

In addition, the grains and vegetables are truly nutritious and beneficial. It has brown rice, barley, and oatmeal. These ingredients are easy to digest and provide high fiber. However, it also has some fillers, such as beet pulp and dried tomato pomace.

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for dogs. There are 22 amino acids that are required to sustain a dog’s life, 10 of which can only be acquired from foods. Besides being a source of energy, protein is also important for the forming and recovery of bodily tissues.

Canidae’s dry dog food has about 30.6% of crude protein. The wet dog food contains about 41% of crude protein.

Fromm’s dry dog food has about 28.7% of crude protein. The wet dog food contains about 41.1% of crude protein.

As you can see, the protein percentages of Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food are not too far different. Canidae has more protein in the dry dog food. Fromm has slightly more protein in the wet dog food. In general, they both provide good levels of protein.

Fat is also very important for a dog’s diet. Fat is indeed a source of energy, but it is also needed for the development and normal functions of a dog.

Again, Canidae and Fromm Dog Food generally have similar levels of fat, ranging between 15.1% and 16.6% in their dry dog foods. Canidae’s wet dog food typically provides slightly more fat than Fromm’s wet dog food, but the difference is not huge. If your dog is active, the extra fat can be beneficial for additional energy. But if your dog isn’t really active, the extra fat may cause weight gain.

Canidae and Fromm have similar levels of crude fiber. They both contain some grains and vegetables, including brown rice. These ingredients are good sources of fiber. Fiber is beneficial for the dog’s digestive health.

Canidae’s dry dog food typically has slightly lower fiber than Fromm’s dry dog food. Again, the difference is not huge. But it is still a nice point if you don’t want your dog to become fat or overweight. This is because of the brown rice, barley, and oatmeal ingredients.

History of Recalls
Canidae has ever been recalled only once. It was in May 2012. However, the cause of the recall was quite worrying, which was salmonella contamination. This is a dangerous problem, as salmonella infection can cause a serious health condition. On the good side, Canidae hasn’t recalled any product since then, so apparently the root of the problem has been taken care of properly.

Fromm Dog Food has also been recalled once. It was in March 2016. The cause of the recall, however, is not as serious as Canidae’s recall. It was because of incorrect levels of vitamins and minerals. Of course, this is still a problem. But the effects are not as dangerous as salmonella contamination, at least in the short term. Fromm Dog Food hasn’t recalled any product since then.

Canidae vs Fromm Dog Food

Canidae Dog FoodFromm Dog Food
- The company is based in Texas- The company is based in Wisconsin
- Good ingredient quality, but may have more rice than meat- Great ingredient quality with high quality meats and grains
- Slightly higher fat- Slightly higher fiber
- Recalled once due to salmonella contamination- Recalled once due to incorrect vitamins and minerals

Both brands are good, but Fromm Dog Food is generally more recommended. This dog food has better ingredient quality. It has very high quality meats, as well as good grains like brown rice, barley, and oatmeal. The nutritional values are good. It also has a slightly better track record.