Blue Wilderness vs Royal Canin

Making sure our dogs are getting the required nutrition to be active and grow healthily is a challenge because dog foods tend to be cheaply made. But, there are also good brands such as Blue Wilderness Vs Royal Canin which are designed with good quality ingredients and balance nutrition so your dogs can strive during their life stage. These favorite brands are loved by many and if you are considering them as well, do check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are Commercial Dog Foods Safe
  • What are Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin
  • What Recipes Available in Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin Collection
  • What are the Ingredients of Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin
  • How are the Quality of Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin
  • How are the Nutritional Value of Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin
  • Blue Wilderness Vs Royal Canin

Commercial Dog Foods

Commercial foods are everywhere, both for humans and for our pets which raise questions whether it is okay to consume them, whether we have it for ourselves or when looking for the food to feed our dogs. The general problem is that not all of us have the time and sources or just energy to make the meal at home which is also true in modern days as people want to seek the best convenience with how demanding their schedule becomes. 

Between homemade foods and commercial foods, the former is more natural and safer as we know exactly what’s included in the meal and whether you feel safe giving them to your family or pet. There are so many reasons to ditch commercial pet foods but then again, not all of us are going to be able to make their food at home and unless your pet has certain health conditions or the food in question have certain dangerous ingredients, in general they are just food to feed animals.

Some questions as to why pet foods raise some concerns is the quality of ingredients used which more often than not, “questionable”. We all know and probably feel uncomfortable with the type of meats used in the pet food formulation because many of them are made from recycling those can’t be consumed by human including dead animal’s meat, diseased animals, disabled animals, and parts of the carcass that are not being used or sell in regular supermarket for human to consume.

What makes it even concerning is that none of these famous brands with large facilities state or disclose information about where the meats or sources come from; thus, we can’t get a whole and clear information whether the ingredients are acceptable. Similar issue is the filler or what makes the bulk of these pet foods and especially for dogs, since they are omnivore and can eat both animal and plant base, most companies put so many feed-grade ingredients to make the food.

For pet owners, we are familiar with AAFCO and for those who are not yet, this is an organization that allows pet food manufacturers to declare their food as “nutritionally complete” in case they fit or have the required nutrient criteria. What’s surprising is this organization is private which means the government is not the one who regulates them. In addition, often companies use artificial ingredients to meet AAFCO standards since naturally they are not balanced with poor quality proteins, fat, and lack of natural vitamins.

About Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin

Overall, if possible we may be better to cook at home and use more proper ingredients which can help our pets grow healthily and prevent them from suffering any preventable diseases that are caused by bad food. But, in many situations it is simply much more convenient to give commercial foods and if you choose to do so, we recommend to check the label first and know at least a little bit about what goes into your dog’s food bowl.

For the options, you can find tons of them in pet food stores or in grocery stores, from named brands to those we are not familiar with. Among those, we are sure you have ever heard of Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin because two are prominent players in the market and while the latter is also a common choice for cat owners, the fact that their dog food is also popular makes it a quick choice if you don’t want to surf for long and checking each brands.

Between the two, Blue Wilderness is probably one of the best dog food brands you can pick out there as this company is known for their pretty good ingredients quality; not the best but much better than many of its fellows. On the other hand Royal Canin is a very famous pet food brand, owned by Mars, it is sold almost everywhere. The brand has a long history and has been operating for more than half of a century, making it an easy option for pet owners.

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular dog foods in the market and the promise that they bring balanced nutrition into your dog’s diet as well as a pretty affordable price point, Royal Canin is what many pet owners give to their fur friends. Blue Wilderness is a brand from Blue and one of the variants that is supposed to focus more on the special diet or food ingredients which is based on the ancestors of our canine friends. Read also: Bil Jac Vs Royal Canin.

Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin Recipes

Just like any pet foods out there, you will find tons of variants or flavors in Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin food collections but we are focusing on dry food only as it is what most of us are using and is much cheaper than wet, canned foods. For example, in Blue Wilderness, you have both puppy and adult dog foods in different recipes. The sample today is Chicken and Grain but there are other options such as Wild Salmon, Venison & Halibut, Trut, Venison & Rabbit, or Turkey, Quail & Duck recipes.

Royal Canin has an even larger collection because this brand has the specific formulation not only for puppy and adult or senior dogs but also for various breed types such as Miniature Schnauzer, Dachshund, French Bulldog, and Yorkshire Terrier. What’s different is that instead of recipes that are based on the variety of main ingredients, this brand mostly separates the food based on the breed and special need. For example, we are using the dry food for medium size adult dogs.

Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin Ingredient

Just like human food, what matters the most in dog foods is their ingredients thus, it is necessary to check what Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin are made of. Starting with Blue Wilderness in Chicken and Grain adult dog food, this variant is made with deboned chicken as the first ingredient and followed by chicken meal, oatmeal, barley, and dried chicken. If your dog is not a fan of grain, there is another similar recipe with peas and starch to replace the oatmeal and barley.

As for adult dry food from Royal Canin, this food is made with brewers rice as the first ingredient which is surprising as it is usually some sort of meat. The next ingredients are chicken by-product meal, oat groats, wheat, and corn gluten meal.

Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin Ingredient Quality

Chicken is one of the most popular ingredients in animal food and is a safe source for both dogs and cats that is rich in protein but also tasty. The problem is probably because it contains much water so resulting in only a very little amount when made into solid food. Chicken meal is a good source of glucosamine and as long as it is not by-product, it means the meal is made from chicken meat and commonly used parts.

Oatmeal is a great alternative to grain as it has less calories and fat but rich in fiber and Vitamin B as well as protein. Barley is similar to oatmeal and dried chicken is a good addition to increase the protein amount of your dog’s food. Moving to Royal Canin’s brewers rice it is very poor in nutrition but carbs which is not what we should be focusing on for meat eaters dogs, especially as the first ingredient. Chicken by product meal is meal made from the rest of chicken carcass.

Wheat and corn gluten meals are very similar but also different. They are mostly used to fill the food into fitting the nutritional value and some as filler as well to be the source of energy but corn gluten is prominent in protein, probably to make up the lack of meat in this food.

Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin Nutritional Value

The last part we want to talk about is their nutritional value of both Blue Wilderness and Royal Canin. These foods contain balanced nutrition for your dogs and starting from the first brand, Blue Wilderness Chicken and Grain, it contains 34% of crude protein, 15% crude fat, and 6% of crude fiber. On the other hand the latter is containing 23% of crude protein, 12% of crude fat, and 3.2% of crude fiber.

Blue Wilderness vs Royal Canin

These dog foods are good options if you don’t have the time to make a homemade foods for them but, in comparison it is also easy to tell that Blue Wilderness is better because it is using more of animal ingredients and they are not by-product as well which is putting your mind more at ease knowing the sources are just common meat. Due to this, the food contains much higher protein and fat as well for your active dogs.

Blue wildernessRoyal canin
- Chicken and chicken meal (Chicken recipe)- Brewer’s rice and chicken by product meal (adult medium)
- Higher protein- Lower protein
- Higher fat- Lower fat
- More expensive- Affordable


All in all, the options are all yours but between the two we highly recommend to choose Blue Wilderness because it has better ingredient qualities and more suitable for dogs with an active lifestyle or needs the energy, especially from protein and fat.