Blue Wilderness vs Purina Pro Plan

Finding good dog food is time consuming and confusing as well because there are so many of them out there and chances are most will have similar ingredients. But, some do better than many others such as Blue Wilderness Vs Purina Pro Plan which are made with better and more familiar ingredients for pet owners. They can be slightly more expensive but worth it and if you wonder which of them will be the better option, do check our short comparison below before shopping.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which to Choose Between Dry and Wet Dog Food
  • What are Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan
  • How are the Food Variant in Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan
  • What are the Ingredients of Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan
  • How are the Quality of Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan
  • How are the Nutrient in Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan
  • Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan

Dry and Wet Dog Food

Just like humans, our dogs require proper nutrition to strive and grow up healthily but, as their owner, we often wonder which food that we need to give them. Chances are you have been giving dry food or wet food all this time and for those caring for their dogs since puppies, we may just recently moved to commercial adult dry food. The thing is not all dogs will have the same needs but as long as they are healthy, typical dog foods are just as safe as the others. 

However, there are times when our dog’s behavior is changing such as don’t want to eat their previous foods or suddenly losing appetite without any health issues. In this case it is best for owners to consult with their vets to seek help and information regarding why they are changing. If there is no health issue, chances are we only need to try other food alternatives beside the kibbles they have been fed with. Canned wet food is what we often give in such situations.

Now comes the question which one is better between dry kibbles and wet canned dog food because chances are at some point we have heard one is better than the other. If talking from the ingredient and nutrient point of view, canned dog food is actually better than the dry variant. This is because they are typically made and contain more meat protein compared to the dry counterparts as well as made with fewer carbohydrates too. In addition, since the packaging is airtight, there is no need for preservatives.

As you may already know, in the can form, a dog food is closer to its natural form hence more palatable and more appetizing. Looking from the special purpose, wet food can be an ideal option for dogs with obesity or currently controlling their weight because the moisture content of canned food can make the same nutrients of dry food but has more volume which means your dog will feel more satisfied but with a lesser amount of food.

One thing that dry kibble will win is on the convenience because nothing can beat dry dog food in this part. In addition many of us are struggling to keep the budget around the house and dry food is much cheaper, especially if you have more than one pet to feed and care of. If the dog is healthy, dry food seems to still be the best option for most pet owners. What we must note is not to expose the food in the bowl for prolonged time, moreover for canned food as they get spoiled easily.

About Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan

For healthy dog owners out there, our options are abundant and we can choose freely depending on which seem more comfortable in your mind. In general all dog foods are made with similar ingredients because the industry is similar and typically they are sourcing them from the same place as well. What we need to be selective for is trying to find the food that sounds more familiar to you as it puts our mind at ease knowing what we have provided for them.

If possible, we can invest a little bit more for their prolonged health by avoiding the cheaper foods as chances are they will be made mostly from fillers that are rich in carbs and have less protein, especially those sourced from animals. There are so many options out there and even when this is your first time shopping for dog food, we can still ask around fellow owners about the food they are giving to their dogs for consideration so you can select which seems best.

Among those, if you want the food that is made from good quality ingredients and also balanced with animal protein, we recommend checking Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan dry dog food. Both of them are the favorite of many owners for their quality and while the two are not going to be the cheapest food you found in the market, they are good investments to care for your dog’s prolonged health and avoid possible issues in the future due to bad feed. 

They are well-known brands and most owners have heard about them as well or read on some recommendation articles about which dog food to choose. Overall, Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan are ideal options because they are made with animal protein and this is what nature is intending our canine friends eating. Of course they will have carb and fiber sources as well because the two are necessary to create a balanced food for your dogs.

Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan Food Variants

One of the conveniences of dry dog food beside the formulation that is easier to manage and cheaper is they are also often available in various formulations or recipes to choose from. For example the Blue Wilderness from Blue Buffalo is available for all life stages from puppy, adult, and even senior dogs. It is also available in regular food, canned food, and treats for your canine friend. For the recipe, there are chicken, Salmon, Duck, Red meat, and a variant with no grains.

Purina Pro Plan is one of the most popular food lines from Purian which also makes Dog Chow brand that you can check in our Purina Puppy Chow Vs Purina One Puppy. This brand or line also has lots to offer but instead of recipes, you can find food variants for different goals such as those focusing on taste, for large breed, small breed, for sensitive skin, or for aging canine. The base ingredients of these variants may differ as well from chicken and beef.

Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan Ingredients

As you may already know, when looking for dog food the most important part  will be their ingredients because this is where you can see what the food is made from. There are so many of them in each pack of food so we recommend to focus on the main ingredients only. Starting with Blue Wilderness in Chicken and grain variant, this food is made with deboned chicken as the first or main ingredient. It is then followed by chicken meal, oatmeal, barley, and dried chicken.

On the other hand, for example we will be looking at the Purina Pro Plan in Savor variant for adult dogs. This food is similarly made from chicken as the main ingredient but then followed by rice, whole grain wheat, poultry-by product meal, and then soybean meal.

Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan Food Quality

Now let’s see how the ingredients are because not all of them are the same and as straightforward as it seems. For example chicken is a good ingredient in pet food as the main source of protein but, chicken meat is also rich in water which means even when placed at the top, the dry matter of the meat after processed will most likely less than the second main ingredient, moreover if it is grain based. Chicken meal is the dry version of fresh chicken meat.

But, poultry-by-product meal is the meal from other parts of the chicken body that is less desired such as intestines and livers. It may sound disgusting but it contains similar nutrients and is often used as the source of glucosamine. The rest of these ingredients are mostly grains and just like most grains, they are used to fill the carbohydrates and fiber in the recipe.

Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan Nutrient

The last part we want to mention is their nutrients because we can’t see the full diet from the ingredients only. Both Blue Wilderness and Purina Pro Plan are similar but also different because in comparison Blue Wilderness do have a higher protein content than Pro Plan, probably because it also uses more animal meat or in this case both chicken and chicken meal at 34% and 26% respectively. Blue surprisingly has less fat at 15% in comparison to 16% from Purina. But, it has double the fiber at 6% to 3% side by side.

Blue Wilderness vs Purina Pro Plan

These dog food brands are good options for your healthy dogs to strive and get the balanced nutrients they need for living their best life. The difference is Blue Wilderness does have more animal based ingredients in the food which made up a higher protein content as well. On the other hand Pro Plan is a good option too but the protein is not as high as the food from Blue Buffalo. Blue also has a varying protein source from different animal based ingredients.

Blue Wilderness Purina Pro Plan
- More meat ingredients- Meat and grain
- Higher protein- Lower protein
- Various protein sources- Focus on food goals

Blue Wilderness vs Purina Pro Plan

It is best to choose the food that fits your preference the most. In comparison we favor Blue Wilderness more because it has more good animal ingredients in it as well as higher protein but, it is also more expensive so if you want to save some budget, Pro Plan is still a good choice.