Blue Wilderness Vs Life Protection

Our pet is not just an animal that lives in the house because they are our friends and family that are important in our life. Just like how we mind about the diet of our family, our pets need their proper meals and healthy food options as well. Blue Wilderness Vs Life Protection are two trusted brands for canine owners out there who are concerned about their pet dog. If you are one of us, do check these comparisons below to know more about these food brands.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What to Know About the Dog Food
  • What are Blue Wilderness and Life Protection
  • What are the Recipe Variants of Blue Wilderness and Life Protection
  • What are the Ingredients of Blue Wilderness and Life Protection
  • What are the Nutrition Fact of Blue Wilderness and Life Protection
  • How are the Serving of Blue Wilderness and Life Protection
  • Blue Wilderness Vs Life Protection

Dog Food

Just like us humans, our pets need the proper nutrition to strive and be an important member of the house, they need a good balance meal depending on the animal itself or the health concern if they have one. Along with other popular pets like cats and fish, dogs are probably still the most popular animal we keep at home and for such a long time, this canine is befriending humans, being at their side, and even helping them in their daily activities.

As the demand for dog foods increases, so the food company that offers the food option and while this is great as competition will lead to producers making the best products but it can be extremely confusing as well for us the customers. In most cases dog foods are made from the same ingredients depending on the variant but when it comes which of them will be the best for our dog, it can be more complicated than just grabbing one with the most promising package.

When choosing the dog food, it is best to know about the nutrition choices first as there are plenty of them out there or even better asking the veterinarian about which food matches your dog’s needs. There are holistic or natural commercial diets, veterinary prescription choices, premium dog food, economy or generic food, whole food diets, and raw foods. Most commercial food is available in wet or dry for the most convenience option but some people may choose to make their own food at home.

Like when shopping for any foods or anything we consume, checking out the ingredients are the most important including for our dog’s food. Dog food packages have information and labels we can read and notice the content but, do note that not all labels are honest. To be safe, do choose foods with meat listed in the first two or three of the ingredients and if possible, pick the one with no excess chemicals like preservatives and fillers like corn, soy, or wheat.

Another important factor is the diet over time which many experts are recommending to change every 2-6 months if we had chosen to give commercial food. This means changing the food company too so we can give a wider range of formulas that can benefit their health. But, if we are making the food at home, a variety of menu should be offered too to meet their nutritional needs yet the most important is still creating a balanced dog food. Changing the food is good as well to manage the dog’s interest.

About Blue Wilderness and Life Protection

It is never an easy task to choose among those abundant options but in order to give our pet a good and healthy food that is tasty but will also help them thrive and live happily, it all will be worthy. An easy way to shop is by checking what other dog owners are giving their dogs because it means our canine may like it as well. There are also several popular names with a long history of providing good food that we can rely on if you don’t fancy new brands.

Talking about good dog food brands, there are few names that come to our head and Blue is one of them. We are sure most pet owners both dogs and cats, are familiar with this company because they have a wide range of products for their pet. What’s a bit confusing however, they also have few sub-brands with different formulation but similarly high-quality ingredients without the hefty price. Blue Wilderness and Life Protection are among the most common choices in the catalogue.

These dog food brands are family so it is not surprising to see they will have similar formulation or typical ingredients but, the main concern or goal of the two are a bit different. As the name suggests, the Blue Wilderness is designed to follow the natural evolution of our canine friends as they have the wild DNA running in the body hence this food is formulated to mimic what they will eat in the wild and these recipes are focusing on meat to deliver a high protein diet.

On the other hand, the Life Protection is focusing on holistic approach to feed your dog with the balance nutrition. Their ingredients seem to be rich in antioxidants in order to support their health and to make sure our canine friend will thrive from puppy until senior age. In general the two are good options for owners of healthy dog as they are formulated with quality ingredients but if your dog have certain health issue, we do think it is wiser to choose food with the specific concern.

Blue Wilderness and Life Protection Recipes

Just like other dog foods, both Blue Wilderness and Life Protection are coming in lots of different recipes and different flavors or options so it is best to choose among them as well. Starting with Blue Wilderness, the sample picture above is Chicken with Grains recipe but you can find the variant with Salmon, Duck, Red Meat, Rabbit, Bison, Wild Salmon, Snake, and even mix Turkey, Quail & Duck. These recipes are also available in both regular, small, and large breeds but there is no puppy or senior life stage.

As for Life Protection, this brand has lots as well in the catalogue with the sample above from Chicken & Brown Rice formula. Other variants you can check out are Lamb & Oatmeal, Chicken & Oatmeal, and Fish & Brown Rice. Different from Wilderness that only available in adult variant, this food collection is available in all life stages from puppy to senior dogs along with the small and large breed variant to match their diet needs. Read also: FROMM Dog Food Vs Blue Wilderness here.

Blue Wilderness and Life Protection Ingredients

As it has been mentioned above, the most important part when selecting dog food is their ingredients and it is because they tell what’s included in the meal so then we can wisely select the proper option for them. Since there are so many recipes, we are going to use the Chicken with Grains as an example and the top ingredients are deboned chicken, chicken meal, oatmeal, barley, dried chicken, dried tomato pomace, natural flavor, and there are tons of other ingredients including fillers and vegetables.

As for Blue Life Protection in Chicken & Brown Rice recipe, this meal is very much the same to the Wilderness part with deboned chicken as the main ingredients, followed by chicken meal, and other ingredients like brown rice, barley, and filler like oatmeal and pea starch. It also uses chicken fat which is preserved with tocopherols as the fat source.

Blue Wilderness and Life Protection Nutrition

Another important factor to consider is the nutritional value of these foods but because Blue Wilderness and Life Protection are made with similar ingredients, both of them are also coming with similar amounts of nutrition. Starting with Wilderness, this food has an amount of crude protein at 34%, crude fat at 15%, crude fiber at 6%, calcium at 1.4%, omega 3 0.25%, and omega 6 at 2.75%. On the other hand Life Protection has a lower crude protein at only 24%.

It has a pretty high fat or with crude fat at 14%, crude fiber at 5%, calcium at 1%, omega 3 at 0.5%, and omega 6 at 3%. This difference is probably due to the difference in formulation as Wilderness is focusing on meat ingredients hence the protein is higher but this protein also comes from different ingredients; not just meat.

Blue Wilderness and Life Protection Serving

Different dogs also have different recommended daily feeding charts depending on the weight of the dog itself. Dog that weighs up to 15 lbs. is recommended to be fed with ½ and 1 ¼ cups per day and a bigger dog can start from 1 ¼ cups to 1 ¾ cups per day. Small breeds can be fed once a day and medium to large breeds have to be fed with 2 meals per day or following the vet’s recommendation. Owners can feed your dog in dry or wet form by adding warm water to release the flavors and aroma of Blue Wilderness or Life Protection.

Blue Wilderness Vs Life Protection

There are a lot of dog foods out there and Blue is one of the most popular choices for healthy dogs. The difference between Blue Wilderness and Life Protection is mostly on the formulation and probably the amount of each ingredient but Wilderness is containing a higher protein compared to Life Protection. The fat and other nutrition in the food is varying but in general are very much the same.

Blue WildernessBlue Life Protection
- Based on wild diet- Focus on antioxidant
- Higher protein- Lower in protein
- Higher fat- Lower in fat 
- Higher in fiber- Lower in fiber


It is best to shop for a food that matches your dog’s diet or health concern but in general, if your canine friend is very active, we do think the Blue Wilderness will be the more ideal option as it has higher protein and fat.