Blue Buffalo vs Blue Wilderness

Choosing the right food for your dogs can be a hassle, since you need to consider a lot of things especially your dog’s characteristics or health. Some dogs need more fat and more protein while some need less. If you are currently looking for a nutritious dog foods that can supply your dog’s everyday energy, let us introduce you to Blue Buffalo and one of its variant the Blue Wilderness.

In this article, we are going to give you information about;
– What is Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness
– What is Blue Buffalo and Blue Wilderness are made off
– Blue Buffalo vs Blue Wilderness

About Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo is a brand of dog and cat food manufactured by Blue Buffalo Co., Ltd., which is incorporated in 2012 and based in Wilton, Connecticut. This company currently operates as a subsidiary of Blue Pet Products, Inc., and currently producing and distributes dog and at foods through retail partners and online retailers. Blue Buffalo offer a wide range of dog food variations. They offer five lines of products, such as; Life Protection Formula, which contains real chicken, fish or lamb; Freedom, which contains no grain; Basics, which contains limited ingredients for sensitive dogs; Wilderness, which inspired by the diet of wolves, and Natural Veterinary Diet for dogs with specific needs due to some conditions, such as weight management or kidney support. If you need more dog foods comparison, please read our article about Taste of the Wild vs Blue Buffalo here.

Blue Buffalo Ingredients
Blue Buffalo foods are made with various ingredients depends on its variants, let’s take an example from the Life Protection Chicken Formula for adult dogs. This variant is made with deboned chicken, which is rich on protein, whole grains, garden veggies and fruit. This specific variant contains 24.0% Crude Protein, 14.0% Crude Fat, 5.0% Crude Fiber, 0.5% Omega-3, and 3.0% Omega-6. Those nutrients can support dogs with health muscle developments, provide energy for active life, keep join healthy, keep skin and coat healthy, strong bones & teeth, and healthy immune system.

About Blue Wilderness
Blue wilderness is a line of dog food by the Blue Buffalo mentioned above. This specific line is claims to be inspired by the diet of wolves, which is the true omnivores whose endurance is legendary. This is why Blue Wilderness is made with rich protein ingredients and contains no grain to provide dogs with more delicious food they do love to eat. Blue wilderness available in various forms and available for each stages; puppy, adult and senior foods, it even has small and large breed foods. This line currently has 83 products including, dry foods, wet foods, and treats. This line also use several main ingredients, such as chicken, red meat, salmon, duck, rabbit, alligator, Turkey, Trout and more.

Blue Wilderness Ingredients
As it have been mentioned above Blue wilderness created with different ingredients in each variant, so let’s take an example from Blue Wilderness Adult Chicken. This specific variant is made with rich protein deboned chicken, and fish meal to provide protein needed by your dogs. Sweet potato, peas and potatoes to provide healthy complex carbohydrates and Blueberries, cranberries, and carrots to support antioxidant. This specific variant contains 34% Crude Protein, 15.0% Crude Fat, 6.0% Crude Fiber, 0.5% Omega-3 and 2.75% Omega-6. These nutrient will support healthy muscle growth, provide energy for an active life, create strong bones and teeth, support joint health, support healthy skin and coat, and support immune system health.

As we already know Blue Wilderness is one line of dog foods variants by Blue Buffalo and manufactured by the same company. What differentiate them from each other is only the ingredients used, since Blue Buffalo is known to have a wide range of ingredients used in their food products. In this article we are picking other Blue Buffalo variant, which is the Life Protection Formula to be compared with Blue Wilderness line.

Blue Buffalo vs Blue Wilderness
Blue BuffaloBlue Wilderness
- Is the main brand of dog and cat foods- Is one variant of Blue Buffalo Dog Foods
- Contains less Crude Protein- Contains more Crude Protein
- Contains less Crude Fat- Contains more Crude Fat
- Contains less Crude Fiber- Contains more Fiber
- Contains more Omega-6 Fatty Acid- Contains less Omega-6 Fatty Acid

Looking at their nutrition content, we know that Blue Wilderness Adult Chicken contains more nutrients compare to Blue Buffalo Life Protection Chicken Formula. In our opinion, the choice is depend on your dog’s need, if they need more fat, protein, and fiber supply, it is better to pick the Blue Wilderness.