Blue Buffalo vs BilJac

Blue Buffalo and BilJac are both popular brand of dog food available and you may already see them often when going to pet specialty stores. In this article we are going to compare them to see, which one may be better than the other. If you are currently looking for a high nutritional dog food, you may want to read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Blue Buffalo and BilJac
– What Blue Buffalo and BilJac are made of
– Blue Buffalo vs BilJac

About Blue Buffalo
Blue Buffalo is a brand of dog and cat food manufactured by Blue Buffalo Co., Ltd. This company is incorporated in 2012 and is based in Wilton, Connecticut and now it operates as Blue Pet Products, Inc., subsidiary. Blue Buffalo is selling their foods through their retail partners across United States and online retailers. The company currently offer their customer a wide range of products and various lines including Life Protection Formula that made from finest ingredients, Freedom that contain no grains, Basics that was made with limited ingredients, Wilderness that made with more meat, and Natural Veterinary Diet that made to manage health issues. If you need another dog food recommendation, you may want to read our article on Blue Buffalo vs Royal Canin here.

Blue Buffalo Ingredients
Blue Buffalo made their foods with various ingredients according to each product specialties and main purpose. To peek their ingredients and nutrition content, we are going to pick one of their popular food, which is the Lamb and Brown Rice Recipe from Life Protection Formula. This specific food main ingredients are Deboned Lamb, Turkey Meal, Brown Rice, Barley, Oatmeal, peas, and Chicken Fat. It also have LifeSource Bits that contain a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support immune system health. Blue Buffalo Brown Rice Recipe nutrition contents are 22% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 5% crude fiber, 0.5% omega 3, and 2.5% omega 6.

About BilJac
BilJac is a brand of dog food that was manufactured by the same name company, which was founded in 1947 and based in Medina, Ohio. This private company sell their product through their network of dog food retailers and specialty pet stores. BilJac categorized their foods based on the dog’s characteristics, such as the life stage and the breed size including puppy select formula, small breed puppy, large breed puppy, adult select, small breed adult, large breed adult, grain free adult, reduced fat formula, senior select formula with chicken and oatmeal, small breed senior, sensitive solutions, and Bil-Jac Picky no more, which made from delicious ingredients for picky dogs.

BilJac Ingredients
BilJac made their foods with different ingredients and protein source depend on the food’s main purpose. In this article we will take only one of their food to peek at their ingredients and nutrition contents. One of the most popular food from BilJac is food for Large Breed Adult dog. This food is designed especially for large breed dog by lowering the protein and fat levels to create food that can provide enough energy for your big dog. This specific food is made from various ingredients, such as chicken, chicken by products, corn meal, dried beet pulp, oatmeal, and brewers dried yeast. It also contain 23% crude protein, 16% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 0.25% omega 3, and 2.5% omega 6.

Now, let‘s compare Blue Buffalo and BilJac dog food. Both of them offer their customer a wide range of foods and treats as well as speciality foods. Their difference are in their ingredients choose and nutrition content. We can see that BilJac contain more crude protein, and crude fat, than Blue Buffalo, while Blue Buffalo contains more crude fiber and omega 3. However, this comparison only based on one of their product, so it may not reflect all of their foods.

Blue Buffalo vs BilJac

Blue BuffaloBiljac
- Contain lesser crude protein- Contain more crude protein
- Contain lesser crude fat- Contain more crude fat
- Contain more crude fiber- Contain lesser crude fiber
- Contain more omega 3- Contain lesser omega 3

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion BilJac is better since they provide food that have higher protein and fat for our dogs compared to Blue Buffalo.