Bil Jac vs Taste of the Wild

We all know that not all commercial dog foods are good for your canine friends as they can be made from low-quality ingredients or even dangerous for your dog’s prolonged health which is why it’s necessary to shop carefully. For dog owners who are browsing the current options, Bil Jac Vs Taste of the Wild are two popular foods in the market with different types of formulation. If you also wonder which of them will be the better option, do check what they offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why Owner Choose Commercial Dog Food
  • What are Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild
  • What are the Food Variants in Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild
  • What Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild are Made of
  • How are the Quality of Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild
  • How are the Nutrition in Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild
  • Bil Jac Vs Taste of the Wild

Commercial Dog Food

Having a pet at home means our responsibilities are also increased because their wellbeing is depending on how well we take care of them which is why it is about committing because once we bring home a pet such as a dog or cat, we will be the one who is caring for them until the end of their lifetime. Being a responsible owner is also more than just providing food, clean water, and a comfortable place to sleep as we will need to think about their whole wellbeing as well.

However, we are sure every pet parent agrees that their food plays an important role in deciding their current and future health because it affects their body the most. What’s concerning is that just like making food for ourselves or family, we need to think about their proper nutrition and as a common owner without any expertise on the subject, we are often in the dark when it comes to selecting their feed where the abundance of options doesn’t even help the shopping process at all.

Just like processed food for human, commercial dog food is probably not the healthiest option we can give to them. The most common reason as to why commercial dog foods are still striving today or growing is because they are convenient and easy to get. Owners don’t have to think about how many times they need to do grocery shopping to stock up the fresh food ingredients both for the family and for the pet, as well as don’t have to spend the time cooking the ingredients.

If cooking at home, what we need to pay attention is also about the nutrient content to make sure they are not getting deficiency on something and this can be a time consuming effort to do along with at least a light research on what we should give to them, moreover, if your specific breed have special need or care. All of these reasons are what makes commercial dog foods the main option for most dog owners, especially if you have more than one.

But, we are also aware that not all dog foods are made the same and chances are there will be some that are better for your canine friends. When shopping for dog foods, the least we can do is checking the main ingredients in their formulation to make sure most of them are real ingredients and mostly good animal based while also considering the nutritional value whether it matches your dog’s need and their lifestyle. Read also: Blue Wilderness Vs Science Diet here.

About Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild

If you decide to use commercial dog foods, we can’t just grab any food at the store because each recipe is usually tailored for different dogs but for healthy adult canines, the options widely vary and we usually don’t have to worry about typical approved ingredients such as grain. To make sure we are getting good food for them, it is quick to ask fellow dog owners or asking for recommendations from their vets and deciding a budget because the price range can vary too.

Foods that are made following AAFCO are designed to provide balanced meals and two brands that are used by many pet owners for their quality and affordability are Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild. Both of these brands are very affordable and this is why you can rely on them when you need to feed more dogs in the house. Depending on the age or life stage or breed, we may need to feed them at different frequencies and amounts which makes dog food price a very crucial factor to consider.

Bil Jac has been around for decades since 1947 and one of the reasons why it is successful is because of the cooking method as well because we all know, dry dog food is convenient and what most people will choose but the method of cooking which involves high temperature will stripe their nutritional value. This is why they are using slow-cooking to keep the good things preserved in the meal. This method is making sure all the nutrients will benefit your dog.

For Taste of the Wild, as the name suggests this dog food is designing their recipes based on the DNA of their ancient canine diet. These foods are inspired by the protein source your dog’s need or meant to eat. This is because nature affects what they need to strive for and this is why they are using the typical ingredients from nature, such as Bison, Venison, or Salmon, just like the ancestors of our dogs used to indulge in.

Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild Food Variants

Similar to many other dog foods brands, both Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild are also available in tons of recipes or variants to choose from and match to what your canine preference or nutritional need. Starting from Bil Jac, this brand offers both dry and wet food in cans as well as supplements and treats for your dog. There are plenty of recipes here for puppy and adult or for small and large breed dogs. Instead of main ingredients, the food variants are based on the dog’s characteristics.

On the other hand, Taste of the Wild is the opposite and currently, this brand also has regular and non-grain options. They have both dry and wet dog options while the web will help you select whether the recipe is ideal for puppy or only meant for adults as usually they are not mentioned on the package. It is also separating food based on the main ingredients or recipe so you can choose meals based on for example Venison, Bison, Salmon, Fowl, or Lamb, or Boar.

Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild Ingredients

As it has been mentioned above, the most important part when looking for dog food is their ingredients and this is why we need to check what Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild are made of. Starting with Bil Jac, this Adult Select Food is made with Chicken as the first ingredient, followed by chicken by product which is claimed to only use the organs part, corn meal, chicken by product meal, and dried beet pulp. For Taste of the Wild, today we are using the popular High Prairie recipe which is based on bison and venison.

As the name suggests, this specific recipe is made with water buffalo as the first or main ingredient and then followed by lamb meal, chicken meal, sweet potatoes, peas, and potatoes. The brand also seems to roast the bison and roast the venison instead of using the common processing method for better taste.

Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild Ingredient Quality

Now let’s see whether these ingredients are good for your dog or not. Chicken is one of the most common ingredients in dog food and is very popular due to the protein content but is high in water so in general even when placed on the first list, the final amount may be not that much. Chicken by product is the rest of chicken carcass and here Bil Jac claimed to only use the organs that are a source or amino acid. Corn is a source of energy, similar to grains.

All three main ingredients of Taste of the Wild are good animal based meat in dog food. For example lamb meat contains the perfect amount of dietary fat while buffalo is low allergen for dogs with allergies and also highly digestible for good nutrient absorption with smaller eliminations. The meat is rich in vitamins B6, B12, and vitamin D. Sweet potatoes are also safe and healthy as well as high in dietary fiber for digestion.

Bil Jac and Taste of the Wild Nutrition

The last part we want to mention is their guaranteed analysis and it is important to make sure we are choosing the right food for our dogs. Bil Jac in this adult dry dog food recipe contains 27% of crude protein, 18% crude fat, and 4% of crude fiber with at least 0.25% omega 3, and 2.5% omega 6. As for Taste of the Wild in High Prairie dry food, it contains 32% of crude protein, 18% of crude fat, 4% of fiber, along with 0.3% omega 3, and 2.8% omega 6.

Bil Jac vs Taste of the Wild

These dog foods are formulated to give balanced nutrition for our canine friend and the two are using animal based ingredients for the first few on the list which is good because they are rich in protein and fat as well as what our dogs are supposed to eat. In comparison, Taste of the Wild uses more of these animal based ingredients in their food that provide more protein than Bil Jac.

Bil JacTaste of the Wild
- Chicken & chicken by product- Buffalo & lamb meal
- Less ingredient variants- Various ingredient based variants
- Less protein- Higher protein


It is best to shop based on what your dog’s need because not all of them will be the same. Between the two we are more confident with Taste of the Wild because they are using more animals based on the ingredients and hence, have higher protein.