Bil Jac vs Royal Canin

Choosing the correct foods for our dogs is necessary because it affects their overall health and with the abundance of choices out there, it can be confusing for owners to look for the most ideal options. For safe and healthy ingredients, Bil Jac Vs Royal Canin are popular names in the market with lots of variants to choose from. Both are quite expensive so let’s see below about what they can offer and which will be the better option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Pick a Dog Food
  • What are Bil Jac and Royal Canin
  • How are the Food Variants from Bil Jac and Royal Canin
  • What are the Ingredients of Bil Jac and Royal Canin
  • How are the Ingredients Quality of Bil Jac and Royal Canin
  • How are the Nutritional Value of Bil Jac and Royal Canin
  • Bil Jac Vs Royal Canin

Choosing a Dog Food

Keeping our pet healthy and happy is not an easy job. When we adopt a pet, we are being responsible for their wellbeing and it is more than just feeding them and providing them a place to sleep or play around. We also have to make sure that the feed we gave them will give good benefits and support their growth as well as preventing any possible health issues in the future. Just like humans, the nutritional needs of our pets like dogs or cats can vary.

While we will never find any scarcity or difficulties when buying any common pet feed, thanks to the abundance of choices especially for popular pets like dogs, it can become another challenge to find one. In the mountain of dog foods from the cheapest to the high-end, gourmet selections, we often confuse which will be the best choice.

Dog Food Price

This is the first consideration as we need to think about how much to spend for our pet and allocating the monthly budget for the family. Just like everything else, we will get what we pay for and it is more often than not, expensive foods will be made from better ingredients as well. Price is usually an indication of quality but it doesn’t mean that we have to go the extra mile and spend unnecessary amounts for the feed, moreover if there is more than one dog to take care of.

Rather than spending on cheap dog foods sold on the grocery stores, it is wise to choose from the variant of dog foods from pet specialty stores as they will offer a wider variety of options that we can choose based on our pet character. For example adult and large dogs often feed with dry kibble because wet foods are expensive and we need more of them to feed the giant while small breeds or puppies may need the highly nutritious wet foods for their growing phase.

While spending on cheap foods make sense to save budget and to feed more dogs, we are also at risk of causing some health issues in the future such as bad skin, greasy fur, and some health problems as they grow up. So spending on better food actually saves the cost for their treatment that may be caused by the bad feed.

Dog Food Ingredients

Dog foods look the same, if you ever smell it they also have a similar scent to it, the typical pet feed. But, they are not always made from the same ingredients and this is what matters the most in a feed. The easiest way to tell whether the food is high quality or not is by reading the label and this also won’t take much time to do. We can check the top 5 ingredients in the feed to quickly tell the quality and as our canine friends are carnivores, preferably meat are the first few ingredients.

About Bil Jac and Royal Canin

Now when we already know how to choose a good dog food, it is time to see what the market has to offer. Chances are you will find more than a dozen brands and even more variants out there which each claim to deliver the best and made from quality ingredients. But, just like everything else, not all will tell the truth and it is wiser to compare and look around for a moment before making up our mind.

If you are here then you have found preferable dog foods and they are Bil Jac and Royal Canin. Price wise both of them are not considered cheap or affordable dog feed because usually the 6 pound package is sold at around $20 which you can find many around the same price or many more on the lower price point. Being quite expensive our expectation is they will be made from high-grade ingredients or at least made with more animal protein but, it is not always the case.

Bil Jac has been around for quite some time and has been in the business for decades so it is not surprising to see how well-known their feed is among pet owners especially dogs. The company goal is to become the largest dog food manufacturer and the food itself promising nutrient-rich recipes made for your dog in all life stages. Royal Canin also have been around for decades and originating from France, now the company is owned by Mars, the sweet company and sibling of Nutro, Pedigree, Iams, etc.

Royal Canin is similar to Science Diet which you can check in our Science Diet Vs Royal Canin with food selection made specifically for various health issues but, in between the two, Science Diet is using higher quality ingredients to match its price point.

Bil Jac and Royal Canin Food Variants

Just like most dog foods in this price range, you will find specialized foods in many different categories. Starting with Bil Jac, this dog food brand currently offers dry food, wet food, treats, and health enhancers which is a supplement designed for dogs. You will also find dog foods in all life stages from puppy, adult, and senior as well as breed sizes from small, medium, and large dogs. In addition, there are recipes made for different health concerns such as picky eaters, overweight, sensitive stomach, hip or joint health, and skin health.

Similarly, Royal Canin is also the same with its extensive range of food variants. You can shop based on the age or life stage of your dog, breed size, and whether they prefer dry or wet foods. This brand also offers a wide range of foods made for different health issues which is far more than what you can find in Bil Jac collection. What Bil Jac is not providing is food made specifically for purebred dogs as here you can shop even based on their bred such as Beagle, Shih, Dachshund, Pug, Rottweiler, and many more.

Bil Jac and Royal Canin Ingredients

Moving further, now let’s see what Bil Jac and Royal Canin are made of because this is the most important part. But, because there are plenty of them we will only talk about the most popular options only and here we are choosing Adult Select Formula from Bil Jac and Dry Food for Adult Medium Breed from Royal Canin. Starting with Bil Jac, this dog food is made from chicken, chicken by product made from organs, corn meal, chicken by product meal, and dried beet pulp.

Quite differently, the Adult Dry Food for Medium dog from Royal Canin is listing brewers rice, chicken by product meal, oat groats, wheat, and corn gluten meal as the top 5 ingredients for this specific meal. Do note that other variants from the brand may be completely different so it is wise to check which match your dog’s needs.

Bil Jac and Royal Canin Ingredient Quality

Chicken is a common dog food ingredient and is a good source of protein but, they may contain too much water which results only in a small amount compared to the rest of the ingredients despite being listed first. Chicken by product which is used by both brands is basically the rest of the chicken which can include almost anything such as intestines and undeveloped eggs, etc. while chicken meal is only made from the meat type itself so a chicken meal is a meal made from chicken meat.

This is like condensed meat which is ideal for feed because it is rich in animal fat and very nutritious to support your dog’s diet. Brewers rice on the other hand is something many dog owners may want to avoid as it is a very cheap source of carbs and fiber which is not suitable in expensive dog food brands. There are also concerns against all ingredients that contain gluten such as wheat but corn as well while gluten-free also being the common cause of food sensitivities in dogs. 

Bil Jac and Royal Canin Nutritional Value

Next is their nutritional value and while it is not a guarantee that all of them come from high-quality ingredients, it can be a guide to look for the type of food that matches with your dog’s recommended diet. Starting with Bil Jac, this Adult Select Formula dry food contains 27% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 4% crude fiber, 2.5% omega 6 and 0.25 omega 3. On the other hand Royal Canin Adult dry food for medium size dogs contains 23% crude protein, 12% crude fat, 3.2% crude fiber, and 0.3 omega 3.

Bil Jac vs Royal Canin

In comparison both Bil Jac and Royal Canin are average or for some dog owners can be below average for the type of ingredients they have put in the food. We only see from the popular feed options and the ingredients may vary according to the feed type or recipe. For the two we have talked about above, Bil Jac seems a bit better because this brand uses chicken meat as its first ingredient while the main ingredient of Royal Canin is by product meal only.

Bil JacRoyal Canin
- Chicken meat as #1 ingredient- Brewers rice as #1 ingredient
- Higher protein- Lower in protein
- Higher fat- Lower in fat
- Less meal recipes- Extensive food variant


Quality wise none of these brands are considered high quality dog foods despite the pretty steep price point but in comparison if you like these brands then we will recommend to choose Bil Jac from the ingredients point of view as it is slightly better.