Bil Jac Vs Pro Plan

Choosing the best pet food sometimes can be hard tough. You should choose properly or your pet will not eat the food you choose. There are so many factors that you can make before deciding on the right pet food. Not only considering the nutrition and ingredients that make from the factory, but also the price that fits with your budget.

This time we will bring you into the most two favorable pet food in the market lately. They come from the Bil Jac and Purina Pro Plan that has the biggest brand history of pet food from time to time. So, let’s take a look closer to them so that you can decide which pet food fits with your pet.

Bil Jac

Bil Jac is a kind of dog food that comes from a big company since along time ago that was founded in 1947. According to the company website, these brands becomes one of the most premium dog food that perfect to them who have picky eating. That is why these brands produce high-quality dog food.

Bil Jac using real meat and chicken as their ingredients for the products. They keep the food naturally makes with full nutritious ingredients. That makes the food has a higher quality of both value and quality. This makes the taste of this product makes tastier than any other dog food in the market.

Bil Jac also provides pet food for small breeds. Since every little dog has a smaller mouth, they make the food as small as the dog’s mouth. It makes the easier way to eat for the little dog that has difficulty eating food from the bigger breeds. They will chew the food easily without any difficulty.

Bil Jac comes with fresh recipes from fresh farm-raised chicken. The company claims that chicken is the best food for dog food so that they make it from real organ chicken. Since it has more nutritious than other parts, the food will contain full of vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Bil Jac also provides some carbohydrates into their dog food as a source of energy. The company makes the carbohydrate from the cornmeal that has a delicious taste for the dog. It is not only digestible but also has a lot of nutrition inside. The beta-carotene and linoleic acid on the corn will help the dog to keep their skin healthier than before.

The rest of the recipe from Bil Jac also contains some Yams or sweet potatoes. Besides, it also contains full of vegetarian food such as fruits and veggies. It is mixed with some fruits such as apples, blueberries, cranberries, flaxseed, and beets. All of them has so many nutrition from the vitamins and minerals inside.

There are so many variants of Bil Jac for your pet food choice that you can choose as you want. You can take one as the best fits food for your dog’s condition. They provide some dog food not only for small breeds but also for large breeds. There is also food for the eat picky one and many more.

The price that you can take from the Bil Jac is varying depends on the kind of pet food you choose. But, commonly the range price is still reasonable enough for your pocket. On Amazon, it starts from US$19 for the 6 lbs size dry food.

Pro Plan

Pro Plan from Nestle Purina is a kind of pet food that you can choose to feed your pet. It provides not only dog food but also cat food as well. They promising nutritious food with a balanced diet the food which can give your pet healthier food than before.

Pro plan comes with great ingredients that make the food full of nutritions of vitamins and minerals. They make a recipe with an exact calculation to get the right balanced diet food for the pet. Commonly they use chicken as the basic meat for natural nutrition of proteins, some fruits, and vegetables.

Pro Plan uses a poultry meal as the natural source of glucosamine for their pet food. They also use a gluten meal that comes from corn and brewers rice. For the source of their pet food vitamins, they are using some beef or lamb as a source of vitamin E.

Pro Plan provides some specific pet food with allergen products. They are made for a pet that has a hypersensitivity reaction or allergies. Some of the pet sometimes has a sensitivity on their stomach so that needs different food. That is why this company produce the food for them with a specific formula.

If your dog doesn’t like dry food, then Pro Plan provides the wet food in the caned package. This is perfect for your pet that has some eat picking with the food from Pro Plan that has a delicious taste full of nutrition. With the special formula, the food comes with a balanced diet that perfect for your pet.

There are so many types of pet food from Pro Plan that you can choose which one that suitable for your dog. The price also comes in vary and on Amazon, it starts from US$20 for 13 oz size. There are so many sizes of the package that you can choose wisely. Read also: Science Diet vs Royal Canin.

Bil Jac Vs Pro Plan

Bil JacPro Plan
- Pea Protein- Chicken By-Products
- Ground Wheat- Wheat Gluten
- Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex- Animal Fat (Preserved With Tbhq And Citric Acid)

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Bil Jac is a better way to pick than the Pro Plan. As it comes from the ingredient and recipe, Bil Jac has more natural ingredients that have more nutrition, vitamins, and minerals than the Pro Plan.

Considering the chicken they made, Bil Jac using from fresh farm-raised that specifically choose carefully before producing the food. Real chicken makes this product has higher nutrition and good for a balanced diet. This is good for some dog that needs more nutrition daily to improve their health.

Besides, Bil Jac has less junk and higher quality ingredients than Pro Plan. That makes the food on the Bil Jac has a freshener taste that loves by every dog.